Saturday 120915

Five rounds for time:

10 Dumbell power cleans
10 Thrusters
20 Anchored AbMat sit-ups

Post time to comments and BTW.

Outside WOD handstands are the coolest!

Be sure to post your words of encouragement or go cheer in person for our Verve ladies who are competing Saturday at the GirlsGoneRx event at CrossFit Eminence.  Beth, Emmalee, Nicole, and Anna just to name a few of the amazing women who are having fun completing some crazy team events.  YAY ladies!

If you are thinking about giving a CrossFit style competition a try, please check out the MBS Turkey Challenge.  Our neighbors in Broomfield put on a great weekend, with a variety of divisions, events and prizes.  See how your training pays off and join us for what is always a fun community event.  Registration opens September 17th at 9am and sells out fast.  

If you are thinking about competing either as an individual, or are looking to maybe put together a team, post to comments!


  1. bill :

    Good luck ya little Schwarzeneggers!

  2. Scotty :

    Any ideas for prescribed weights? Also, I’m assuming two dumbells for the power cleans.

  3. Jake :

    Great work at girls are Rx today Vervettes! I would definitely be interested in the turkey challenge. Anyone looking for a teammate?

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