Saturday 121020

As a team of 4, complete as many reps as possible in 20:00 minutes of:

Prowler push 90# (50#)
Power snatch, 75# (55#)
Box jump, 20″

Each athlete is at a station, while one athlete rests. Athlete 1 pushes the prowler, as athlete 2 & 3 accumulate reps and athlete 4 rests. When athlete 1 completes the push, he switches positions with 2, 2 with 3…

Score is the sum of power snatches and box jumps.

Post reps to comments and BTW.

Tony: hips aggresively open, belly tight, and elbows high and outside–Yes!

Team WOD Saturday!  Come enjoy some fun with your friends and then get out and enjoy the great weather!

Some Verve athletes are competing at CrossFit Unbroken’s Rhinos and Unicorns Event on Saturday.  The benefit is for Mammograms in Action/Barbells for Boobs.  If you want to show up and cheer them on, check out the schedule below:

WOD 1 (Rope climb/Wallball/Deadlift):

Sarah Lev/Nicole M at 930am
Ali/Jeremy at 10am
Nat/Eric at 1015am
Zink/Beth at 1045am

“Grace” off WOD for spectators 11-12pm (this means you and me!)

Stone ladder begins at 1230pm, all teams will go through in similar order to above

“Grace” off WOD for spectators 130-230pm (this means you and me!)

WOD 2 (“Helen” meets “Grace”):

Sarah Lev/Nicole M at 3pm
Ali/Jeremy at 340pm
Nat/Eric at 4pm
Zink/Beth at 440pm

CrossFit Verve’s class schedule is now directly on our website, via the schedule tab.  Let us know if you like it!  Or if you don’t!  Please post to comments. 

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