Saturday 121124

250 air squats for time
Rest five minutes
As many reps as possible in seven minutes of rope climbs
Rest five minutes
As many reps as possible in five minutes of push press 75# (55#)

Score is time to complete squats + rope climbs and push press combined.

Post scores to comments and BTWB.

Maddie fought her way to a 4th place finish at the Turkey Challenge last weekend, awesome drive and effort!

We are oh so thankful for each of our athletes at CrossFit Verve and we love to support your unique efforts out in the world and hear what you are thinking.  Did you know that many of your fellow athletes have great blogs to follow?  Check out these few below, read what they’ve got to say and let them know that you appreciate their perspective like we do.  Who else out there is writing and wants to share with us?!  Post to comments!



Tiff & presently,

Kellie M

Molly R

Julie C


  1. I just did a post on VERVE too!! Follow Jason and I through IVF, whole30’s, WOD’s and more!

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Molly, I love your blog too! Is it okay to include it in the list above?

    • Erin :

      I’ve spent a good chunk of my day with you (virtually), and I am so impressed with your spirit, writing, and view of life and love. Thanks for sharing with us!

      I have to promise myself to only check out one blog per day, or I will get nothing accomplished! We have some incredible women at Verve- how lucky we are to be surround by so much awesome on a daily basis!

  2. MC :

    Thanks for mentioning my blog — and even MORE letting me know about blogs from other great Verve folks. I love learning more about the people I work out with!

  3. Sonja :

    Hi guys,

    I think I’m signed up for the membership now, but I still can’t sign up for a class without paying a drop-in fee. The next class I’d like to get to is Sunday at 11. I’ll try again tomorrow, but could you save a spot for me if you can’t get it working.


    • CrossFit Verve :

      Hi Sonja,

      Glad to have you back! We’ll get all the membership paperwork inputed on Monday, till then feel free to join the classes. See you soon!


  4. Kellie M :

    Thanks for the blog shout out! I should probably mention that if you have an aversion to profanity, stripper references, or general adult irresponsibility…..well, this blog may not be your cup of tea.

    If that didn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will.


  5. I’d be honored to be included with these fab blogs. Love these ladies!

  6. I’ve got a little cooking blog at

  7. Tiff in Korea :

    Wow, SO awesome to read all these blogs! Holy crap, my morning cleaning/getting ready time is now down to 30 minutes. Whoops!

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