Saturday 121215

Gymnastics extravaganza offsite!

Post awesomeness and new tricks to comments and BTWB.

CrossFit Verve is going on a field trip to 5280 Gymnastics for an adult gymnastics WOD.  Fun times and back flips will be had by all! A safe place to practice with bouncy floors, foam pits, and soft mats galore.  Class starts at 8am, please arrive 5 minutes early to sign appropriate paperwork.  Post to comments and let us know what you think.


  1. Hanna K :

    OMG how fun this sounds, can’t believe I’m missing it! Please, please, puhleeeeeaseee make this a regular outing 🙂 Pretty please?

  2. Edie :

    My only comment is that I’m completely bummed that I can’t make it today! Can we please do this again?!

  3. Jim D. :

    That was a blast! Who says you can’t teach an old dig new tricks. I’ve wanted to do floor work my whole life. I’ve always been afraid I’d break my neck. Doing a back handspring today was so cool!

  4. Trina R. :

    Loved it! Let’s definitely do it again!

  5. Rex :

    Agreed! That was super fun. Thanks verve masters

  6. Russell :

    Man o man, so bummed to miss this. Please Please do it again.

  7. Danni B. :

    That was a blast today! My favorite part was swinging from the bars and landing in the foam pit 🙂 Thanks Verve for another great time!

  8. Rob b :

    Great time! Can we get a foam pit back in the loading dock area?

  9. Anna :

    THAT…..WAS…AWESOME:) Thank you!!


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