Five rounds for time:

9 Thrusters, 115# (75#)

5 Muscle-ups

The sub for a muscle-up is 3 pull-ups and 3 ring-dips.  So for each round, if you sub the MU's, you must do 15 pull-ups and 15 ring-dips.

Post time to comments.


Future CrossFitter practicing her knees to elbows, Zoe Huff.


  1. tiff :

    so, most days i’m not craving suger/grains/processed stuff. but there have been two days where my sweet tooth from the past has reared it’s ugly head. last night, i ended up making a “dessert” that is absolutely incredible!! and easy.
    Fruit sherbet/Ice Cream/Heaven
    use the mixed frozen fruits you can buy at any grocery store, mine had: mango, grapes, peaches, strawberries, and cherries. put a handful of these frozen fruits in a blender or food processor and add coconut milk till desired texture is obtained. you have to blend for a while. (mine was like soft frozen yogurt…and the most incredible flavor…yum!) i used light coco milk so got more liquid with less fat blocks. you could prob also do straight coco milk and water if you’re measuring. this will seriously curb any sweet tooth craving you might have!

  2. Rich :

    If there was a pair of Adidas Ironwork II’s sitting there and right next to those was a pair of Do-wins from Rogue fitness – and you are only allowed to choose one pair, which pair would you choose?
    Oh, price not being an issue either…
    Just curious!

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    Hey Tiff! Melissa introduced me to frozen red grapes. They absolutely take care of the sweet tooth thing and are delicious! I am going to try your ice cream immediately.
    Matt- I feel like you are our version of Dave Castro :

  4. Matt :

    I’ve heard rave reviews from most people about the Adidas Adistar or Iron Work III (new in 2008). I own a pair of the Do-Wins and my only complaint is that the heel is too high (on the old ones). They corrected that with the new flashy colored one’s like Anna’s. Go with either… but I’d recommend the Adidas Adistar is money was abundant.
    Amy, looks like a great WOD huh?!? Makes me wish our ceilings were higher. Maybe sometime when we travel to another gym, we’ll get this one done.

  5. Matt :

    Oh, and by the time I’m done with this illness, I may be as skinny as Dave Castro. Maybe that will make the rope climbs easier.

  6. Elizabeth Huff :

    That’s my kid people!!! Doing knees to elbows in a dress! YES!!!

  7. Joylyn :

    24:56, subbing the pullups and ring dips (red band assist) for muscle-ups. Another rough workout. I think I may need to rest up a little more, as my recoveries are not going well.
    Emmalee–you are my hero for doing those muscle-ups! Congrats!

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