Saturday 130309

Skill stations: 3 attempts at each station

Handstands, handstand walking

Post reps/times/distance to comments and BTWB.

Stuart swinging to the stars.

Well friends, thank you for an awesome week.  The 2013 CrossFit Open has begun and we witnessed some amazing stories already.  Athletes like Jay, Brian, and Jesse PR’ing their snatches for the first time, to Lauren and Courtney competing smartly, both fresh off rehab, to Leslie doing her snatch PR for 8 reps in the WOD!  We saw athletes who struggled with 75# snatches last season, link them seamlessly yesterday like Ali and Kiley.  We are so proud of each and everyone of you! 4 more weeks to go. We presently have 129 athletes registered, which is merely 10 spots away from the largest team in the SouthWest Region.  So close, so if you’ve been on the fence, please join us and register here!  We are your family, don’t deny us!

For those of you who have already registered and completed the 13.1 WOD, please remember YOU are responsible for submitting your total score AND tiebreak time before Sunday, March 10 at 5pm PT.  We will validate your scores by Tuesday, March 12.  Any submissions with issues noted are located in the red box in front of the office.  All other scorecards are in the file folder just outside the office, filed alphabetically by last name.  Submit your scores here.  

Opportunities to do 13.1 are available on Saturday at Open Gym 12pm-1:30pm and Sunday 12pm-1:30pm.

Change Your Life Nutrition Challenge is wrapping up.  Don’t forget to sign up for your Hydrostatic BF Test on the available days/times below via the web-links.




  1. Leslie :

    Don’t forget Erin finishing strong after 1 armed burpees because of her Pneumonia rib. Great job lady!

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