Saturday 130706

9am WOD only at Commons Park, see below for directions.

In teams of three, complete for time:

Run 400m 
100 Burpee wall jumps
Run 400m 

During run, 1 partner must be carried by another and third athlete will carry medball.  Any switches/stops will incur a 2 thruster passes/person.  During the burpee wall jumps, 2 athletes work while 1 rests.  

Post time to comments and BTWB.

Michelle loves Verve and Verve loves her! Amazing changes this year lady!

CrossFit Verve is hosting the CrossFit Level 1 Course this weekend.  So Saturday we'll meet you at Commons Park, at 18th and Little Raven specifically for this awesome WOD.  Coffee and shenanigans afterward are sure to occur.  

Sunday we'll see you at the Curtis Park Pool for our Swimming Workshops and WODs at 10am and 11am.  Free to Verve athletes, so please join us!  Open Swim follows the last class, so come get some natural vitamin D and work on your tan for our upcoming Water World Takeover day.



  1. Erin :

    Heck yeah, Michelle!  You look soooo healthy and happy- you're aglow!  🙂 

  2. Luke :

    Yeah Michelle!

  3. Jen M :

    Hey Michelle… Great seeing ya!!! 

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