Saturday 130928

Adult Gymnastics class offsite 8am-9:30am.  See directions below.

Please join us at 5280 Gymnastics North Gym 10601 W. 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

A great environment to practice handstands, flips, cartwheels, bar work, beams, muscle-ups and tumbling, and you’ll have fun doing it!  All Verve athletes drop-ins will be covered as needed.  Please arrive 5 min early to sign waivers.  

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Alright CrossFit Verve, we have a big number of our female athletes participating in the   

Come out and support our ladies at the Girls Gone RX competition Saturday! it’s at CrossFit Eminence which is located at 864 E. 78th Avenue in Thornton.  

If you have some spare time on Saturday and want to support a great cause and see a ton of your Verve friends in action, please be sure to swing by.  Wear your Verve gear and show your support.  These ladies put a lot of time in ,not only preparing their fitness, but also their amazing attire for the competition.  Find us coaches, paleo goodies, and good times at the giant VERVE tent.  

Don’t forget that we will be celebrating at Mile High Spirits at 7pm.  Oh, it’s gonna be epic!

Courtney, Robyn, and Ali are Bonkers for Honkers
WOD 1 = 8:50
WOD 2 = 11:20
WOD 3 = 2:50

Linda and Friends are Twisted Tattas
WOD 1 = 9:30
WOD 2 = 12:20
WOD 3 = 3:20

Addie, Meghan, and Sarah Lev are He Haw Hotties
WOD 1 = 10:40
WOD 2 = 1:40
WOD 3 = 4:00

Emmalee, Anna, and Edie are the Boobie Buccaneers 
WOD 1 = 11:00
WOD 2 = 2:00
WOD 3 = 4:10

Fernanda, Angela, and Amy are We Care About Your Pair
WOD 1 = 11:00
WOD 2 = 2:00
WOD 3 = 4:10

Send them some love by wishing them all good luck in the comments.


  1. DeEtte :

    Love to all the gals today supporting a cause very close to my heart. Wish I could be there to see you in action, you are all amazing women! Go gettem’ Verve ladies! Have a blast Addie! Good to have breakfast with you this morning 🙂

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