Saturday 131109

In teams of 3 complete for time:

Run 400m together with med ball, 20# (14#)
90m Weighted walking lunge with kettlebell, 24kg(16Kg)
90 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
60 Handstand push-ups 
60 Hand release pushups 
Run 400m together with med ball 20# (14#)

Runs are performed as a team, may pass the ball as often as needed.  During the walking lunges, the kettlebell must be held in a goblet hold, only one person works at a time.   Kettlebell swings one person works at a time.  Handstand push-ups one partner works, while one partner holds a handstand, one partner rests.  Hand release pushups one partner works while remaining team holds planks.  

Post teams and times to comments and BTWB.

Lindsay +1 staying strong mama.

Free Saturday Intro class at 8am, sign up on MBO please.  We look forward to meeting you!

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Today is the Rhinos and Unicorns team competition at CrossFit Unbroken.  Several Verve athletes will be competing.  Here is a list of teams and heat times.

WOD 1:
9:30  Kiley and Ryan F.
9:30  Nat and Jen Ridder
10:00  Robyn and Ryan Y.
10:00  Ali and Jeremy

WOD 2:
11:00  Nat and Jen
11:30  Kiley and Ryan F.
12:10  Robyn and RyanY.
12:40  Ali and Jeremy

WOD 3:
2:30  Nat and Jen
2:30  Kiley and Ryan F.
3:00  Robyn and Ryan Y.
3:30  Ali and Jeremy

Awards are scheduled for 4:30pm.  If you are interested in cheering the athletes on, CrossFit Unbroken is located at 1500 W Hampden Ave 


  1. Ben :

    The mindbody app says only “password must be 8 characters long and contain one letter and one number.”

  2. Ann A :

    Bummer…I don’t see Endurance Running on Tuesday…..that is an AWESOME class! Is it cancelled?

    • NateRader :

      We’re on hiatus for the winter months and will start up again in a few. It was great seeing you and the others every Tuesday morning! In the meantime, you’ll have to deal with the other trainers on Tuesday mornings 🙂

  3. Cherie :

    Thanks for a fun day all. I didn’t finish the workouts in the time cap today, but I had such a great time. It makes me feel alive to be challenged and hanging with all of you strong people. Thanks – Cherie

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