Sunday 140406

7am WOD only at Verve.  

In teams of 2 complete the following for total reps, 1 working at a time:

5 minutes Rowing for calories (alternate every 15 calories)
4 minutes Man-makers/Woman-makers, 40# (25#) 
3 minutes Ground to overhead, 45# (25#)
2 minutes Ab-mat sit-ups
1 minute Burpees
Post teams and reps to comments and BTW.

Maddie happily keeping her shoulders strong and stable.

Although we have a limited class schedule this weekend, we are happy to announce that we have some great clinics and workshops this upcoming week ahead.  
  • Tuesdays in April, 5:30am  Running w/Nate
  • Tuesday, April 8th  7pm  Mobility & Shoulder Pre-hab w/Colby
  • Wednesday, April 9th  7pm Nutrition & Zoning w/Matt
We hope you can join us!  Sign up on MBO.  Athlete Interest Clinics are free to Verve members or $20 drop-in.  The Verve Nutrition Workshop is FREE to the community.  


  1. James (O.G.) :

    That post was pretty weak the first time. Now we get it two days In a row? Sometimes it really makes me question the effort you put into this free blog through which you provide beneficial information to ingrates like me.

    Awesome picture of Maddie, though.

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