Saturday 140628

In teams of two perform as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
Partner 1 rows 20 calories
Partner 2 performs 1 legless rope climb,
     then as many reps as possible of Bench press 135#(95#) while Partner 2 finishes rowing 20 calories

Partners then switch.  Score is total calories and reps of Bench press. 

Post scores to comments and BTW.

Sam enjoying some glute activation post WOD.

Sam enjoying some glute activation post WOD. 

*Parking alert*  Due to a festival happening Saturday and Sunday at 32nd & Larimer St, the Larimer St driveway and street will be closed this weekend.  All parking for Verve needs to be only in the CrossFit Verve reserved parking spots or along Blake St/side blocks.  Any cars not in Verve spaces or street parking may be towed.

Free Saturday Intro Class is happening at 8am.  Next Foundations Program begins Monday, July 7 at 7pm.  

Swimming Workshops and WODs next Saturday, July 5th at 9am and 10am at Berkeley Park pool.  Back at Verve on Sunday, July 6th with Anna.  

Get ready.  Running and rowing have  joined forces.  The result: (besides the obvious of added intrigue into your week. I mean, duh) a more cohesive endurance program for you to enjoy on a bi-weekly basis.  Nate and Maddie have joined up their programming that compliments each other modality.  If rowing is working on distance, running will be working on speed and vice versa. Will you benefit from going to one and not the other?  Of course!  Can you drop in at any time to either modality?  Double of course!  Will you get the most benefit from going both days?  You betcha!

Both rowing and running are skills, and ones that pop up all of the time in WODs.  Often we see them as places to rest, places to suffer, or places just to get through without dying.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead those were the places you looked forward to, or were the places you knew you could make up some serious time?  No matter what system we are focusing on, technique will always be at the foundation.  Our goal is to get you better at these skills; to take ownership of them; oh, and to have lots of fun usually in the wee hours of the morning…

What’s up for the next 8 weeks?

Rowing: We will be focusing on a 40 min time frame with the goal being at the end of the progression to sit on that machine for 40 minutes straight and to kill it. We’ll be building up to that goal via a series of workouts in which the intervals get longer and the total rest time gets shorter. This is a great series to build up your engine and this is a great time of year to do it!

Rowing: Thursday at 5:30AM & 6:30PM

Running: We will be working sprints and speed. Think nothing longer than 800m at a time. We will working on explosive speed via weighted sled drags and prowler pushes. Every class will have instruction regarding pose running and other tips to help improve you moving efficiently on those handy feet of yours.

Running: Tuesday at 5:30AM

Email Nate or Maddie if you have any questions! ( or

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