Saturday 141004

“EOD 130 Memorial WOD”

As a two person team complete:

65 Front squats, 135# (95#)
65 Kettlebell swings, 32kg (24kg)
16 Lateral partner over burpees
65 Hang power cleans, 135# (95#)
65 Push press single kettlebell, 24kg (16kg)
16 Lateral partner over burpees
65 Chest to bar pull-ups
65 Box jumps, 30″ (24″)
16 Lateral partner over burpees
65 Push-ups
65 “Pendlay” barbell rows, 135# (95#)
16 Lateral partner over burpees

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Only 2 WODs today as we are allowing extra time (1.5 hours) per each class with all the movements and to make sure everyone is warmed up properly and ready to work hard.  Free Community WOD (different than above) at 8AM.

Bring a partner with you or get paired up at the gym. Classes are free, please bring family and friends, we will scale and modify the workout accordingly. Instead of paying a drop in fee we simply ask that you donate. We will have computers on hand to donate or you can register in advance, make sure you choose Verve as the location you are doing the workout at. If you register in advance and donate $50 it will include a t-shirt. Proceeds benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation, you can click here to read up and donate.  Do the work and put yourself out there for those that are no longer here to do it for you.

Upcoming  Events:

  • Next Foundations Program begins Monday, October 6 at 7PM.  Email us at to get signed up or with questions.
  • Interested in the Verve Competition Crew classes to attack your weaknesses and get ready for some local comps or the 2015 Open?  Email with questions or to sign up.  Next mesocycle begins Monday, October 6.
  • Crossover Symmetry Clinic with Colby on Wednesday, October 8 at 5PM.  Sign up on MBO.
  • Next Free Community WOD is Saturday, October 18 at 8AM.

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