Two rounds for time:

100m Walking lunge

800m Run

100 Squats

Post times to comments.


Dan killin' the Elements #2 WOD

So CFV will be moving tomorrow, Sunday Febraury 15th, to our final home on 38th Ave.  We are proud to announce that we received the keys from the landlord and have moved all the equipment to the new location.  Expect to do a lot of fun benchmark workouts.  We have a record board that needs names on it, so we plan to fill it up in the first couple of weeks of occupying the space.

We will continue to hold classes at the scheduled times for Sunday, but our new hours will be scheduled ASAP.  We will certainly let everyone know with a post and a phone call if necessary about our new hours of operation.  We think everyone will be very happy with the changes.

On another note, we'd like to thank CF 5280 for hosting such a great WOD last night.  Thousands of pull-ups were completed and thousands of ounces of beer were downed.  CFV had nine athletes make the trip to Castle Rock to represent the family – I'm happy to say that all nine made it through 100 pull-ups.  Nice job!  Thanks again for a fun night.


  1. Joylyn :

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CFV is home!!!!!! I can’t wait to see it! g’nite.

  2. tiff :

    looks like a fun wod….i’m glad there’s no arms. =)

  3. Anna :

    I wish I could have been there last night, not so sure I would have made it to work this morning though. Finally we are home!!! Hooray!!! So on Sunday, classes will be at our own place RIGHT???

  4. Matt :

    Erin 22:32
    Dan 18:02
    Tiffany 20:37
    Mas 22:10
    Jake 22:38
    Sara 23:23
    Jen 26:46
    Chris 15:25 (1rd)
    Tammer 17:35 (1rd)
    Luke 17:18
    Melissa 20:13
    Mark 21:22
    See you tomorrow at the NEW CrossFit Verve.

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