Saturday 150131

For load @ 0 minute:
6 Hang Power Clean
6 Shoulder to overhead
4 Hang Power Clean
4 Shoulder to overhead
2 Hang Power Clean
2 Shoulder to overhead

For time @10 minutes:
Complete 3 rounds:
Run 400 Meters
50 Double unders

Post loads and times to BTWB

Friends don't let friends stretch alone. . . according to Dana and Molly.

Friends don’t let friends stretch alone. . . according to Dana and Molly.


What’s the haps peeps?

Well we are finishing up the 4th week of the “change your habits, change your life” Challenge. . . keep up the strong work. Make sure to follow up with your accountabilibuddy and put their name in the accountability box. 

This weekend is the Winter WOD fest. Verve athletes Michael Cain, Molly Reynolds, Meghan Barkman Law, and Lisa Whewell will be competing. If you would like to cheer them on Saturday’s events will be at CrossFit Eminence (864 E. 78th Ave. Thornton, CO 80229). Sunday’s events will be at the VMAC Pool (5310 E. 136th Ave. Thornton, CO 80241).

The Body Fat Test will be returning to Verve in February. Get signed up now:
Click HERE for Wednesday, February 11th ALL DAY
Click HERE for Thursday, February 12th AM ONLY

Have a wonderful weekend!!! Go Seahawks!!! (Just kidding Clancy. . . . sort of.)


  1. Dangoia :

    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!! (I got your back, Clancy)

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