Saturday 150321


2 Rounds for time of:
34 Push-ups
45m Sprint
34 Deadlifts, 135#(95#)
45m Sprint
34 Box jumps, 24″(20″)
45m Sprint
34 Clean and jerks, 95#(65#)
45m Sprint
34 Burpees
45m Sprint
34 Wall-ball shots, 20#(14#)
45m Sprint
34 Pull-ups
45m Sprint

Post times to comments and BTWB

Danni keeping the little ones occupied while mom and dad workout. Just 1 of the many things Danni does for us at Verve.

Danni keeping the little ones occupied while mom and dad workout. Just 1 of the many things Danni does for us at Verve. We love us some Danni!!!

Surely you can’t be serious.

I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

We are totally serious about all the events happening at Verve. And trust us, there’s a lot. So get out your calendar and start marking it up:

Saturday March 21st- 
Teton Waters will be out front from 12pm-2pm with a truck full of grass fed beef. 

15.4 re-do from 1:30pm-2:30pm, sign up on MBO.

Sunday March 22nd:
Yoga @ 8am with Molly, sign up on MBO.

Final class of the Basic Self Defense Course, 12pm-1pm.

15.4 re-do part deux, 2pm-3:30pm, sign up on MBO.

Saturday April 4th:
Ladies only Parkour @ Urban Acrobatics at 8pm. Email Anna with your RSVP,

Verve is hosting a Level 1 Seminar the weekend of April 11th-12th. Verve will have a 7am WOD and some offsite WODs for those looking to sleep in. Verve will be closed the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday. Interested in signing up for the course, go to Verve’s Events Page for more details. 

Saturday April 11th:
Collabeeration 5K and brew fest in Longmont, CO. For more details and to get signed up, click here.

CrossFit Football Trainer Course, July 11th-12th:

This course is an introduction to the concepts, movements and level of intensity needed to be successful in training for sport. In the course, participants are provided with a foundation for training athletes. They are taught the fundamentals of sport-specific training, including sprinting, basic movements, warm-ups and cool downs, change-of-direction and agility drills, jumping and weightlifting. Participants are given information on programming, nutrition and diet, and film study. Film study demonstrates the practical application of the CrossFit movements to football and other power sports. Anyone who trains groups that are required to be strong, agile and powerful can benefit from this course, no matter the level of athletes. Click here to register.

CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course, August 29th-30th:

Two days are spent detailing each lift (snatch on Day 1, clean and jerk on Day 2). The focus is on participants experiencing the basic positions and learning the foundational teaching points for instructing others to achieve them. The snatch and clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to training and are indispensable to CrossFit programming and developing a well-rounded athlete. Click here to register.

Phew, all done. For now.


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