Saturday 150418

30 Rounds for time:
5 Burpees
1 Muscle-up

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Just some attempts at synchronized ab work. It's almost summer, #beachreadyabs

Just some attempts at synchronized ab work. It’s almost summer, #beachreadyabs


Q: What in the world is going on at Verve? A: A lot.

*Saturday morning @ 8am is our community WOD. Verve athletes bring a friend who’s heard you talk about CrossFit for too long and have them try it for themselves.

*The following Monday, April 20th we will start another round of foundations for the new converts.

*We will be starting a new barbell program with a focus on the Olympic lifts, Monday May 4th. The program will run for 6 weeks on Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday at 5pm. Stay tuned for more information in a future blog post.

*The South Regionals will be taking place in Dallas, TX May 15th-17th. Right now #teamverve is holding strong in 15th place. If you are interested in going all information regarding tickets and venue can be found on the Games site, click here.

*Verve will be hosting the CrossFit Football Trainer Course in July and the CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course in August. If you are interested in increasing your knowledge in a more specialized area of CrossFit then check out Verve’s event page for more information.  

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! 

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