Saturday 150613

For time:
100 Overhead squats, 75#(55#)

*Each time the bar is put down, athlete must perform 15 bar facing burpees before picking it back up

Post times to comments and BTWB

Rower powered electricity coming to you courtesy of the 5:30am class.

Rower powered electricity coming to you courtesy of the 5:30am class.


Hold on to your butts folks. . . we got a lot of stuff on the calendar this summer.

*Verve will have one 7am WOD Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Verve will be closed the rest of the day for a seminar. 

*Verve will have two off site swim WODs Saturday morning at 9:30am and 10:30am @ Glenarm Rec Center. Please sign up on MBO.

Glenarm Rec Center
2800 Glenarm Pl
Denver, CO 80205
Click here for a map

*CrossFit Cherry Creek is hosting the Triple Threat competition this weekend. Verve has 4 teams competing on Sunday only. Stop by and do some cheering!! Click here for directions and information.

*Verve will have it’s first event of it’s Summer Nutrition Series Saturday June 27th at 2pm @ Verve. It will be a lecture on the topic of your choice presented by Clara Wisner. Be sure to Vote for the topic you want to hear about. The voting box is at the front of Verve with your topic choices. The lecture is open to everyone at no cost.

*Verve will be hosting an i99 clinic Sunday June 28th at 12pm. More details will be posted next week along with a link to register. 

*Verve is hosting the CrossFit Football Trainer Course Saturday and Sunday July 11th-12th. Spots are still available. For more information and to register, click here

*The O2X Summit Challenge will be August 15th at Winter Park Resort. Verve trainers are signing up a team and looking to make some wagers against any other Verve teams that sign up!! For more info, click here.

*Front Range CrossFit is hosting the first annual Do More Charity Challenge October 3rd-4th. It’s a 6 person team competition. Verve will put $600 towards registering a team. Click here for more info and rules.

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