Saturday 150627

In teams of 2 complete the following for time:
100 Kettle bell swings, 32kg(24kg)
100 Goblet squats, 32kg(24kg)
100 Meter handstand walk
400 Meter partner carry

*Only 1 person can work at a time. Must finish all reps at one station before moving to the next.

Post times to comments and BTWB

Mick working through a nice little snatch EMOM earlier this week.

Mick working through a nice little snatch EMOM earlier this week.


This weekend is chalk full up with stuff to do. And so is the rest of the summer at Verve.

**The Taco Festival is going on Saturday, there will be lots of traffic and some road closures around Verve, so plan accordingly. No worries about parking though, the landlord does an awesome job of making sure no one takes Verve parking spots. So come in, workout, grab a taco, and then learn about nutrition. 

Saturday stick around after open gym and listen to Clara talk all things detox at 2pm. This lecture is open to everyone interested in getting their learn on. The cost is that of your attention span and willingness to learn.

Sunday Verve is hosting an i99 gymnastics clinic. . . that appears to have sold out!! It’s will be running from 12pm-3pm, for those signed up, have an awesome time. If you missed this one, stayed tuned, there may be more. 

Verve is hosting the CrossFit Football Trainer Course Saturday and Sunday July 11th-12th. Spots are still available. For more information and to register, click here.

The O2X Summit Challenge will be August 15th at Winter Park Resort. All the Verve trainers are doing it, which means so should you. You can sign up at the front desk at Verve.

Front Range CrossFit is hosting the first annual Do More Charity Challenge October 3rd-4th. It’s a 6 person team competition. Verve will put $600 towards registering a team. There are several of you that have expressed an interest, please put comments on the blog so we can help get you guys together to form a team. Click here for more info and rules.


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