Saturday 150919

For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20#(14#) to a 10′ target

Post times to comments and BTWB

A wedding rowing WOD for Kelly on the morning of her big day.

A wedding rowing WOD for Kelly on the morning of her big day.


*Congrats to the 7 Verve teams that got registered for the Turkey Challenge, as well as the several additional athletes that got signed up for the individual competition!!

Now, let us know your names. If you are registered to compete put your name or your team name (and teammate’s names) in the comments section.

* We will be hosting the Lift Up Luke workout all day on Saturday September 26th. Stay tuned for more information about this workout in this week’s posts.

*October 3rd-4th is the Front Range CrossFit’s first annual Do More Charity Challenge. Verve has two 6 person teams signed up. So get ready to do some cheering.

*The next, and final, Team Series workouts will be announced the week of October 6th.

*Verve is in the talks for a ladies only WOD & Wine event in October. So ladies start making a list of girlfriends you think might want to try out a CrossFit workout and then do some drinking.



  1. Adam Clatterbuck :

    Team “Just The Kip”
    James Cain
    Anna Dolezal
    Kelsey Crist
    Adam Clatterbuck

  2. RKB :

    The Lazy Has Beens
    Robyn KB
    Ryan Young
    Connie Luu
    Steve Fox

  3. RKB :

    Congrats Kelly!

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