Ten rounds for time:

12 Burpees

24 Squats

Post time and thoughts to comments 


Hey everyone welcome Tammer to the family when you see him.

There are several useful resources out there that Verve frequents to get nutritional updates and recipes.  Here is one: Robb Wolf's site features topic's ranging from the Zone, anti-aging, celiac, CrossFit, paleo and more.   Check it out and see what a CrossFitting former research biochemist, living in Chico, CA has to say about nutrition.

CFSCC presents EAT THIS, is another.  Eat This is a support blog intended to nourish the Zone / Paleo minded athlete.  Plus it's packed with recipes, enjoy!


  1. Danimal :

    Seriously? come on guys what’s the WOD?…. oh you are serious. This should be long and painful! Ok, here we go!
    3… 2…. 1… GO!

  2. Amy :

    Hey!!! I totally posted and asked for suggestions and then forgot to check the responses until now….thanks Alan and Joylynn for the suggestions and I would love to get the name of the massage person from both of you if possible.
    Also, the century WOD is coming up and I am determined to be there. Matt and/or Cherie- any suggestions on the type of food we should be eating before the century WOD?
    And what’s this I hear about Flanks and tattoos?

  3. I have another suggestion for a chiro w/ a massage therapist in the office (read: billed to insurance under chiro). Health Partners of Colorado – Dr. Funk. Schedule an adjustment followed by a massage. He’s at 18th and California downtown. Be sure to ask them if your insurance covers chiro with a co-pay. Hope this helps.

  4. Joylyn :

    The links y’all posted are awesome–very good info and some delish recipes. One of my favorites is the “pita pizza” on the Eat This blog.
    Amy, I will try and send the name and number with Mas tomorrow to give Dan–would that work? Hope your back is improving some.

  5. Joylyn :

    ps. Props to everyone on the WOD today, it looks like a REAL DOOZY! I’m glad I’ve got a rest day. However, we did get the rings fixed up at station 7….

  6. Danimal :

    Hey if anybody is interested, a bunch of ververs will be at the Cherry Cricket tonight, just hanging out and drinking our carb blocks. It’s in Cherry Creek and should be good times.

  7. Danimal :

    P.S. its a dive bar, my favorite kind.
    P.P.S. We all saved up our carbs blocks all day so that Amy gets 13 blocks, Sara gets 12 and I get 18 blocks…. that’s still zone right?

  8. emmalee :

    Hey Matt,
    Do you have that Chiro guys number? I need his assistance

  9. Alan :

    Alan – 17:24 @ St. 66
    Amy…just so I don’t post her phone number here on the comments…you can email her at Her name is Cheryl. Tell her me or Anna referred you, and she will hook you up! Hands down (no pun intended) she is the BEST! You can always call or email me if you want her #. She is in Broomfield, but she will come to you as well!

  10. WOD:
    Britt 24:09 (knees @ 2)
    Emily 25:54 (knees @ 2)
    Stef 24:59 (knees @ 5)
    Joei 23:52 (knees @ 5)
    Mas 19:12
    Sara 22:50
    Dan 17:41
    Chelsea 17:38
    Jake 20:11
    Tiffany 15:03 (modified burpees)
    Chris 29:20 (7rds, knees)
    Mark 23:30
    Luke 14:32
    Sherry 18:12 (5rds, knees)
    Leet 24:52
    Cheresa 21:20
    “Baseline +”
    Rich 9:34 (24kg)
    Shawna 9:57 (12kg)
    120 burpees and 240 squats is no laughing matter…. way to stay focused guys!

  11. Matt :

    Here you go:
    Schedule with Dr. Funk and Danielle – the best massage therapist in the office.
    Good luck!

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