Saturday 160116

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Clean and jerks, 135#(95#)
2 Rope climbs, 15′

Post times to comments and BTWB

Future Verve site teaser.

Future Verve site teaser.


Well Clancy’s post last Saturday got more comments than this blog has had in the last 6 months combined.  I’m not sure how to follow that.

Here is a snapshot of Verve’s future site. Yes, we are still moving. No, we still don’t know when. No, we don’t even have an idea at all about when-ish. Yes, seriously. 

Verve will be hosting Mile High Sprints Saturday February 6th from 7am-2pm. Stay tuned for more details about the event. 

Go Broncos!!!!




  1. James(OG) :

    Peyton kind of looks like he’s on crutches in that photo.

    Also, constipated, definitely constipated.

    Really excited to introduce my grandkids to the new Verve someday!

  2. rob bell :

    Will the sprints be held in the old or new space?

    sorry, (not sorry) just had to

  3. Kacey :

    Wow, what a beautiful space. This is gonna be awesome!

  4. Leslie :

    Looking good!

  5. CrossFit Verve :

    Courtney has requested to keep that scissor lift so that she can coach from the top of it with a mega phone. The sprints will be at 3344 Walnut St.

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