Saturday 160206

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
2 Muscle ups
4 Handstand push ups
8 Kettlebell swings 70#(53#)

Post rounds and reps to comments and BTWB

Meghan crushing some thrusters.

Meghan crushing some thrusters.


Schedule change for Saturday!!

Verve is hosting Mile High Sprints Saturday from 7am-2pm. Verve will have two classes scheduled following the sprints at 4pm and 5pm. If you want to attend either class, please sign up on MBO. There not be any open gym time or competitor hour.

What is the Mile High Sprints?

The sport of indoor rowing was created in 1981 when Concept2 developed its first rowing machine and, within a year, the first race had taken place. Hundreds of indoor rowing races are now held around the world each year, including the CRASH-B Sprints—the world championships of indoor rowing. 

Most races take place over the Olympic regatta distance of 2000 meters, and there are recognized age group records for this and a number of other distances.

The Mile High Sprints is a qualifying event for rowers to earn a flight to Boston for the World Indoor Rowing Championships, aka Crash B’s. Which means some pretty serious rowers will be hanging out at Verve crushing some meters Saturday. To see someone dominate a rower is a pretty cool site, so come down and watch it all unfold. A projector is set to watch each rower race those around it. Perhaps you get inspired to sign up for it next year??

Following the Mile High Sprints Verve is hosting the workout “Nate” on behalf of One Summit. One Summit is a company that aims to help children battling cancer build courage, self-confidence, and resilience through experiential learning and mentorship with a U.S. Navy SEAL. They have chosen the workout “Nate” to honor Nate Hardy, their friend, Navy SEAL and purple heart recipient killed in action in Iraq on February 4th 2008. In remembrance of Nate, One Summit has teamed up with 8 CrossFit Gyms around the country for “Nate’s WOD” challenge.

The goal is for every round completed to donate $5 to One Summit’s Boston Marathon Team. To learn more about it and to make a donation, click here.

Have a wonderful weekend. . . and Go Broncos!!

United in orange!!

United in orange!!



  1. Garret Mueller :

    My four-year-old nephew is a childhood cancer survivor. Can’t wait to crush this workout for a great cause!

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