Saturday 160604

Everyday Warrior Battle Series Workout #1
In teams of 2, as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
100 Double Unders
30 Snatches 75#(45#)
80 Double Unders
25 Snatches 135#(75#)
60 Double Unders
20 Snatches 165#(95#)
40 Double Unders
15 Snatches 185#(115#)
20 Double Unders
AMRAP Snatches @ 205#(135#)

Post reps to comments and BTWB

Nick holding strong in his ring support during "Tabata This".

Nick holding strong in his ring support during “Tabata This”.


What is going down this summer at Verve? Sooooooo MANY things.

The Everyday Warrior Battle Series began May 30th. This is an online team (2 men or 2 women) competition. One workout will be posted every week for 4 weeks. Verve will be programming these workouts on:
Saturday June 4th
Saturday June 11th
Friday June 17th
Saturday June 25th

Click here to get registered.

June 11th & 12th- Cherry Creek CrossFit is hosting the Cherry Creek Triple Threat. Verve has 7 teams signed up for the competition. Come check out the action and get your cheer on! For more info about the event, click here.

June 18th & 19th– It’s Father’s Day weekend and. . . . Verve is hosting the CrossFit Football Seminar. What better gift for the dads in our lives then a weekend seminar where participants learn to be a more powerful, explosive athlete. They will be taught the fundamentals of sport-specific training, including sprinting, basic movements, warm-ups and cool downs, change-of-direction and agility drills, jumping and weightlifting. Click here for more information and to get registered.

July 30th- It’s Paleo Pop-up time!! Come hang out and chat with vendors from all over Colorado, introducing various paleo products, and discussing all things health and nutrition. Click here for more info.

August 13th- Verve is hosting the ladies only team competition Femme Royale. This is a one day event that brings ladies from all over the state to compete, cheer, and inspire each other. There are 3 divisions ensuring anyone and everyone is able to participate. Click here to register.


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