Saturday 160618

Workout is at the track today!!!

3 Rounds for completion
Sprint 50 Meters
Walk 50 Meters back
Sprint 100 Meters
Walk 100 Meters back
Sprint 200 Meters
Walk 200 Meters back

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Track workout is at Manual High School today.

Track workout is at Manual High School today.


The gym is closed this weekend!! Verve is hosting the CrossFit Football Seminar Saturday and Sunday. There will not be any classes or open gym time at the gym. . . . but there are still WODs programmed this weekend.

Verve will be having track workouts on Saturday and Sunday at Manual High School: 

Manual High School
1700 East 28th Avenue
Denver, CO 80205

There will be a 9am WOD and a 10am WOD both Saturday and Sunday, please go to MBO to sign up for class. Don’t like running? Perhaps now is the perfect time to try and remedy that. Get outside early while it’s not too hot, get some Vitamin D with friends, and go for a nice little jog. And then maybe after go get mimosas. . . enjoy a beautiful weekend. 



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