Saturday 160709

For time:
Run 1 mile
Rest 3 minutes
100 Toes to bar
Rest 2 minutes
Row 1,000m

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Got tickets? To the George Washinguns Show? Nate does.

Got tickets? To the George Washinguns Show? Nate does.





















I’m not yelling at you, I’m just boldly reminding you. 

Verve will be having it’s regularly scheduled classes and open gym times. Starting at 12:30pm Verve will have a guest host, Miles Nichols, discussing the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These benefits do not just include outward aesthetics but also our internal healthy. Is our internal health as sexy as our external abs? Uh, yeah. So come hear all about it.

This discussion is open to anyone and everyone. . . Verve members, members of other CrossFit gyms, non CrossFit folks that have no interest in doing CrossFit but enjoy knowledge, and of course that family member or friend that hasn’t heard you shut up about Crossfit and wants to give it a try. This discussion will help enlighten us all to the notion we don’t need to go “get in shape first” before we start CrossFit, we simply need to get started. It will also go into the concept that CrossFit is infinitely scaleable to meets the needs of anyone that walks through our doors. 

Following the discussion, right after you hear about all the amazing things doing CrossFit has to offer, you can test run it for yourself. We will host a free introductory workout. The discussion is approximately 45 minutes long and so is the workout. Got an hour and half in the middle of the day tomorrow? Then stop by Verve at 12:30pm and get your learn on and then get your sweat on. 



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