Saturday 160716

In teams of 2, complete for time:
50 Clean & jerk, 135#(95#)
30 Bar muscle-ups
300 Double unders
30 Strict handstand push-ups
50 Snatch, 135#(95#)

*Only one person may work at a time.

Post times to comments and BTWB

What do these two intelligent looking men have in common other than their sweet bro tanks?

What do these two intelligent looking men have in common other than their sweet bro tanks?


Garret and Stan both attended the Level 1 Seminar July 2nd-3rd at Verve and BOTH of them passed their Level 1 test. Now they can legit put their knowledge to use as they continue their intern process at Verve. Congratulations guys!!!


But seriously, enough about these dudes. . . HEY LADIES!!

Today is Verve’s ladies only WOD & Wine event. The event kicks off at 1pm with a team workout. New to CrossFit? Never done CrossFit? Curious what CrossFit is? Then stop by for the workout, it has been written to accommodate all levels of athlete. It will be an awesome opportunity to get introduced to the sport while surrounded by a ton of like minded ladies all ready to support and cheer. CrossFit veteran? You the competitive type? No worries, the workout can be scaled up to meet your needs as well. So bring your mothers, sisters, cousins, friends (even those that CrossFit at other gyms), and even your grandmothers. . . remember CrossFit is for everyone, and get ready to sweat.

Following the workout, at 2pm, we start drinking and shopping, the best and worst combination of events. Both wine and non alcoholic beverages will be provided. You can enjoy your drink while you mingle and walk around checking out the many vendors that will be present. Those vendors include:

  • Hanger Apparel (clothing)
  • Fit Republic (supplements)
  • Stella & Dot (jewelry)
  • Beauty Counter (skin care)
  • Athletic Headbands and Wrist Wraps

So get excited. . . working out, shopping, afternoon cocktails. . . sounds like the best Saturday EVER!!

Continuing with the ladies only event theme. . . Femme Royale is only a few weeks away. It’s a ladies only competition with 3 divisions to compete in, allowing for anyone and everyone to participate. So if you don’t yet have a partner, start looking at the WOD & Wine and claim ’em early. Click here to register. 




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