Saturday 160730

For time:
30 Muscle ups

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DudeFest. What happens when a couple of dudes call another couple of dudes and are all like, “Hey dude, wanna workout at the same time?” “Dude, you know it.” Then all said dudes meet up at 7pm on a Thursday night, creating an entire class of dudes. DudeFest.

Speaking of DudeFest. . . Verve needs all you dudes!! Saturday August 13th Verve is hosting a ladies only competition. While the ladies will be dominating the workout floor we need you men to help volunteer with the event logistics. We need judges. We need help moving equipment between workouts. We need you to help the day run smoothly. So put your volunteer pants on, give a few hours of a Saturday to support the strong women around you, and get signed up. There is a sign up sheet on the front desk at Verve or you can email 


TODAY- Verve is hosting a Paleo Pop-up from 2:30pm-5:30pm. 

The Paleo Pop-up is an expo of local paleo products and service providers. It is free to attend and open to all. 

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