Saturday 160924

4 Rounds for time:
21 Calorie row
11 Power clean, 85#
28 Wallball shots, 20#
8 Power snatch, 85#

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Andrew "Andy" Schwiesow with his kids Bella and Charlie.

Andrew “Andy” Schwiesow with his kids Bella and Charlie.


The Andy Schwiesow memory WOD

Today we are hosting a memorial WOD in honor of one of Verve’s members who unfortunately passed away one year ago. Andy Schwiesow had been a member of Verve since April 2011. His favorite classes to attend were either the Barbell Specialty class or any WOD that contained the Olympic lifts and movements that favor the tall. Andy’s first workout as a member of Verve was 4-21-11 and Andy’s birthday is 8-28-85. Today’s workout was written and designed for a tall man with an enjoyment for throwing around a barbell. 

Today’s memorial workout is open to anyone that would like to join. If you are newer to CrossFit we ask that you allow us to scale you appropriately. We want you to be able to enjoy the WOD and remember Andy is the best and safest way possible, we promise the intent of the workout will still be met. 

If you are living in another state, are unable to make any of our class times, or for any reason cannot be at Verve today but you plan on doing the workout elsewhere, please post about it. You can go to Verve’s Facebook page and share your favorite Andy picture, memory, and your time. Use the hashtag #WodingForAndy in any social media outlet, Andy’s family would love to know about everyone that is involved. 

Today is a day that we as members of the CrossFit community get to show off how important that community really is. Today is a day that we can lift people up, we can show our support to those that may find doing this workout more emotionally difficult than physically, and we can carry them through to the end. Whether you knew Andy or not, everyone can identify with loss and grief, which means everyone can push themselves in honor and memory of someone they love. So stop in today and show off what makes CrossFit and all of it’s communities so great.




  1. Ali :

    I really really wish I could be there today. Sending my hugs to everyone!

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