Saturday 161015

In teams of 2, complete the following:
200 Double unders
100 Thrusters, 95#(65#)
50 Bar facing burpees

*Only one person may work at a time

Post times to comments and BTWB

Annie is so happy to be working on strict pull-ups. . . or she's happy that it's the weekend!

Annie is so happy to be working on strict pull-ups. . . or she’s happy that it’s the weekend!!


Folks!! Verve is closed this weekend for the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course. We will have classes at 6am and 7am on Saturday morning. We will also have a class at 7am on Sunday morning. If you want to get a workout in, then you gotta get up early. Sign up on MBO.

*CrossFit LoDo is hosting the “Pound For Pound” competition this weekend. Verve has several members competing, stop by and give them a cheer!!

*Get signed up for the Everyday Warrior Battle Series that starts October 24th. It’s an online fundraising competition that helps support members of the CrossFit community battling cancer. Verve will be hosting the workouts on Fridays. This is an opportunity to help out a friend, a friend’s friend, a family member, a gym acquaintance, a co-worker, someone fighting with cancer, let them know they do not fight alone. Click here to register or donate or both.


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