Saturday 161029

In teams of 2 complete the following for time:
4 x 400 Meters (one partner runs 400 while the other rests)
100 Shoulder to overhead, 95#(65#) *Bar can’t touch ground until 100 reps are finished
80 Alternating burpees over the bar
60 Front rack lunges, 95#(65#) *Bar can’t touch ground until all 60 reps are finished
40 Medball sit ups, 20#(14#) passing ball over the bar to partner
20 Muscle ups

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Christine and Elizabeth getting after the Everyday Warrior Battle Series workout #1.

Christine and Elizabeth getting after the Everyday Warrior Battle Series workout #1.


Speaking of Everyday Warrior Battle Series. . . 

Did you workout yesterday and crush 12 minutes of deadlifts and box jump overs? Got plans to workout every Friday for the next 3 weeks? If you answer yes to these questions then get registered for the Everyday Warrior Battle Series. Everyday Warrior is a non profit organization that raises money for members of the CrossFit community who are fighting cancer. They raise this money through online competitions throughout the year. The Battle Series is a 4 week online competition with one workout per week. . . . and you just did one of them. Suckers. So now that you are 1/4 of the way there, let’s make it official. Click here to get registered and donate. Click here to  submit your score from today and compete. You can get registered through Monday the 31st.

Speaking of having a deadline of Monday the 31st. . . 

Verve shirts are available for pre sale ONLY through Monday the 31st. You can purchase the shirt via the square system at the gym, please be sure to put your name in the notes. You can also purchase the shirt online though MBO, shipping will be added to the cost and we will get them sent off to you. 

Get your Verve shirt while you can!!

Get your Verve shirt while you can!!

Speaking of. . . 

I have no good segue for this. Next weekend, November 5th-6th, Verve will have early morning classes ONLY and will be closed the remainder of the day for the CrossFit Competitor Course. Please look at the schedule on MBO to see times and reserve your spot in class. 

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