"Embrace the Suck!"

With a continuously running clock, do one 95# thruster the first minute, two 95# thrusters the second minute, three 95# thrusters the third minute… continuing for as long as you are able. 

Starting the very next minute, do one push-up the first minute, two push-ups the second minute, three push-ups the third minute… continuing for as long as you are able. 

Post total rounds for each movement to comments.


Alan and Anna after a "fight gone bad".

"Embrace the suck." This phrase was said to me by a good friend at the firehouse as we were preparing for a workout.  As it applies to CrossFit, "embrace the suck" means that you acknowledge that next 10 to 20 minutes are going to push you to your physical and mental limitations (think 150 burpees for time), but you are going to give it your all.  Take pride in the pain and push to your limitations,as this sort of intensity is what transforms your level of fitness.  We are seeing it happen every day at CFV, I am simply adding a statement to the already endless number of catch-phrases that are consistently spoken at the gym.  "Embrace the suck." 


Erin lookin' sassy while warming up for FGB.

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  1. Amy :

    I am so jealous that I missed the New Years Fight Gone Bad. Alan and Anna, you guys are hilarious!!!
    There is a problem getting a plane to Mexico to fly us back to the states so I am not sure when I will be able to get back into the gym (hopefully Sunday if the plane gets us tonight?) but I am making sure to get my WODs in here:
    Friday, January 2nd 2009 WOD:
    AMRAP in 20 mins:
    5 sumo-deadlift high pulls 53# (35#)
    10 push-ups
    15 squats
    Michelle: 13, 20#
    Mike (My uncle): 9, 20# (but only 5 reps of each)
    Alan (My dad): 11, 25# (but only 5 reps of each)
    Amy: 16 (with all push-ups and 6 squats on the 17th) knees, 35#
    I suck! I looked back and I did 16 rounds before :(. Hopefully when I get home and am able to follow the Zone better I will get back to my previous B.A. status??
    150 sit-ups for time:
    Michelle: 5:37
    Magaly (My aunt): 11:15
    Amy: 5:33
    Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups for time:
    Michelle: 9:23
    Blair (friend we made here): 9:27
    Don (Dad of Blair): 10:00 (scaled and shortened)
    Eve (wife): 13:00 (scaled and shortened)
    Maria (neighbor): 13:00 (scaled and shortened)
    Amy: 9:26 (knees)

  2. JaRed :


  3. Joylyn :

    My workout at MVFPD station 7:
    AMRAP in 20 min:
    5 thrusters 65#
    7 HPC’s 65#
    10 SDLHP’s 65#
    8rds plus 5 thrusters and 7 HPC’s.
    Wider bar made my forearms numb after.
    ps. I’d love to do a nasty girls workout with the rest of you ladies at the end of the year, although I have to work up to 1 muscle-up first. Gotta start somewhere!

  4. Cherie :

    Ask and you shall receive…

  5. emmalee :

    Joylyn that’s where I am starting too (at 1)! It’ll be a fun challenge. I never thought a goal of mine would be: a nasty girl! I went out of my to avoid that name in high school! Good job on the workout

  6. Matt :

    Kiley 5,13
    Joei 7,11 (45#)
    Jen 8,17 (45#, knee)
    Chelsea 6,16
    Jake 7,11 (65#)
    Mas 11,17
    Ben 9,20
    Emmalee 10,21
    Dan 13,21
    Luke 11,17
    Erin 9,17
    Hillary 6,12 (55#, knees after 8min.)
    Cass 10,13 (35#, knee)
    Anna 10,17
    Great job today. Tomorrow’s WOD will be awesome. Come ready to kill it!

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