For time:

21 Overhead squats 95#/65#

50 Push-ups

15 Overhead squats 95#/65#

40 Push-ups

9 Overhead squats 95#/65#

30 Push-ups

Post time and thoughts to comments

Southcali tripc IMG_7462 

Pre-CrossFit Cherie (2005), CrossFit Cherie (2008).

In the two years that I've been a CrossFitter, I've gone from 33% body fat to 9.5% Currently I'm at 11-13% BF, this is much more comfy.  I'm no longer embarrassed to have my photo taken.  It took me a long time just to find the one above, as I used to delete all unflattering images.  It took me a lot of hard work, a detailed attention to nutrition, and consistency.  I wasn't willing to admit it until recently, but I was way out of shape!


  1. Danimal :

    So, I’d like to be able to blast through this one…. but I’ve got this thing about overhead squats: they are (at one point at least, and somewhat still are) my bane. They were so hard for me that I almost quit crossfit when I first started a year ago. Imagine this tuff guy who couldn’t do an overhead squat with just a 45lb bar and would keep trying anyway in a busy globo gym with people looking at him while feeling so frustrated…. I think that coach glassman said it best in one of his videos when he said something along the lines that if you could put all the crossfit workouts in a hat and then draw one, the workout which you really didn’t want to see would probably do you the most good.
    Cheers to the one we don’t want to see. 😀

  2. Matt :

    Cheers Dan, I’m with you. Usually OHS are at the top of everyone’s “don’t want to see” list. You’ll do great.

  3. Alan :

    Well minus the tough guy part, you described me to a tee! If I have ever been at that point of thinking that I wanted to quit…it was during a OHS workout!

  4. cherie :

    Cass 13:39 (8#)
    Jason 8:43 (12#) to compare old time of (13:14)
    Anthony 7:18
    Cherie 8:11
    Jen 9:45 (8#)
    Jared 8:56
    Mas 9:10
    Cheresa 9:53
    Anna 11:07
    Joylyn 13:13
    Alan 8:47
    Mike 10:39
    Dan 5:42
    Matt 4:51
    Emmalee 12:43
    Elizabeth 12:20 (35#)
    Elements #2
    25 PP
    5 KB swings
    20 PP
    10 KB swings
    15 PP
    15 KB swings
    10 PP
    20 KB swings
    5 PP
    25 KB swings
    Mike 11:59 (45#, 35#)

  5. Amy :

    Just because I am in Mexico does not mean I am not CrossFitting.
    When we got here yesterday, my brother challenged me to the 150 burpees for time. Of course I was all for it. The last time I did this workout was in Dayton and I got 25:09. This time I got 21:36 and I even stopped to explain as people passed by.
    Today, my brother, father, and cousin joined me for a WOD. We did AMRAP in 20 mins of 5 Burpees (no wall to do inverted burpees against) 10 Dumbell hang squat cleans 40# (25#), and 15 sit-ups. The times and weights are as follows:
    Michelle: 10 (10#)
    Reid: 7 2/3 (40#)
    Amy: 9 2/3 (5 sit-ups short of 10 rounds!!) (15#)
    Alan: 4 (20#)

  6. My don’t want to see list, is hang squat cleans, snatch and double unders.
    Amy great job on dropping over 3 minutes off your burpee time and motivating the family.

  7. Joylyn :

    Had a free moment at work to look at the WOD–yuck! I will try and talk myself into this one. OHS are challenging. It was nice to visit with so many people last night. Cherie–you look awesome by the way, you are such a great inspiration (and drill sargent) to all of us.

  8. cherie :

    Thanks Joylyn, just wait until we have your before and then wedding picture up….

  9. Joylyn :

    WOD 13:46
    My core needs some work, I thought I was gonna tip over at the end!

  10. James :

    18:48 w/ 47.5 on dumbells for OHS.
    Hey Cherie, it’s not exactly a Biggest Loser transformation there, but maybe even more impressive – those last ten pounds take some serious dedication. Keep up the good work.

  11. Cherie :

    I’m still working on the last 10lbs – I need all the motivation I can get. You’re a madman doing OHS with dumbells! Hope you have been having good holidays… tax season is almost over….

  12. Matt :

    Emmalee 14:34
    Ben 13:26 75#
    Mike 14:59 75#
    Cheresa 15:48 55#
    Jen 16:17 35#
    Matt 5:17
    Dan 9:27
    Jared 14:10
    Anna 10:41
    Cherie 11:05
    Elements #1
    4 rds: 500m Row, 20 Wall Balls 12#
    Elizabeth 17:29
    Elements #1
    4 rds: 500m Row, 25 squats
    Britt 20:23 (15 squats)
    Emily 20:50

  13. Anna :

    Alan, I thought your most hated wod was double unders, he, he. Just kidding. That workout was fun last night, I did feel as though I was going to tip over at one point. Nice work Amy on your workout. It is always fun to get your family in to it. I think my most hated WOD is dumbell squat clean and throws, next would be er…. todays WOD?!!

  14. Alan :

    Welcome to the family Elizabeth, Britt, and Emily!!!!
    *PS…Just a tip from one of your new Verve family members…Don’t use the chalk in the chalk bag! Matt and Cherie put crack in there! You start using it during your workouts….and you won’t stop coming back! Ask ANY of the other members you see here on this site! You just come here…kill yourself working out…then you keep coming back for more and more abuse! IT’S SICK!

  15. Matt :

    Its true, we spike the chalk. Next time you’re in, try it… you’ll like it.
    My least favorite movement – sumo deadlift high pull. Kills me every time.

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