15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 rep rounds for time of:

Deadlift 185# (120#)

Hand stand push ups

Hurdle jumps

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Bring your big boy/girl pants for this WOD, its going to be fun! 

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  1. Dan :

    I lost my big boy pants. Is that going to be a problem? Haha. This one looks like fun. I’m guessing that recovering shoulder strength on the HSPUs will be the predominant use of time. Cant’ wait to find out.

  2. cherie :

    It looks like you found some.

  3. cherie :

    34″ Jumps
    Kevin: 7:07
    Matt: 6:02
    Dan: 12:40
    30″ Jumps
    Amy: 17:20 (105#, assisted HSPU)
    Ben: 10:18 (assisted HSPU)
    Cherie 8:00
    24″ Jumps
    Kiley: 10:20 (105#,assisted HSPU)
    Mike: 13:22 (155#, assisted HSPU)
    Cheresa: 8:01 (100#, assisted HSPU)
    Joei: 11:54 (85#, assisted HSPU)
    Carrie: 12:02 (80#, assisted HSPU)
    Kristin: 9:02 (100#, assisted HSPU)
    Emmalee: 8:25 (assisted HSPU)
    Congrats to Kiley on Clean and Jerking 55#’s nice work.

  4. Matt :

    I’d like to point out that it was my fault that Emmalee didn’t do HSPU’s. I made an assumption that she couldn’t do them, which I later found out was a stupid assumption. Sorry Emmalee – you’re a beast! Super fun WOD.

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