Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

15 Push jerk, 95# (65#)

30 Squats

Post completed rounds and fractions to comments.


Hand-care.  These first few months of pull-ups have been rough.  Keep up the hand-care by shaving and exfoliation everyday, even when you think you don't need it.

CrossFit is about intensity.  Without intensity, you're left with a functional version of circuit training.  We often get asked "but, shouldn't I have perfect form?" We also hear "but, if I have perfect form my time will suffer."  We want them both!  Call us needy, but we expect you to have perfect form and push yourself to the limits.

Coach expects that from you too.  Check out this vid.

Will you be joining us Sunday for the introduction to the Paleo Challenge?  We want to see just how many people are taking the dive into 7 weeks of quality foods and improved performance.  If you will be joining us – why?  What are you hoping to get out of the 7 week Paleo Challenge and are you ready to commit?


  1. Rich :

    We put so much into our workouts and diet, but what about our footwear? I was just curious as to what shoe people prefer to wear and why – if any, depending on the workout. Matt, Cherie, Anthony – any input/suggested brands, or things to consider when picking a shoe for crossfit…

  2. cherie :

    Cherie – 8 rounds.
    Shoes – Rich I waiver between two pairs. A lifting shoe with a platform ( I hear addidias is the shit)and a pair of indoor soccer shoes for everything else. The idea is to have as little cushion as possible. I love the soccer shoes for running, jump roping etc…

  3. Tim M, :

    Paleo challenge, I will be taking the dive, although I will not be able to be there on Sunday. I want to do this challenge to really get strict with my diet, improve my performance and health and an end result will be a Paleo/ Zone diet.

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    I am definitely doing the Paleo Challenge!!!! I am all for anything that will benefit my body and my health….I will miss my beers however, so I may as well and drink as many as I can (starting now) before the challenge begins.
    I hope to get a better understanding of my body and what it needs when it needs it as well as more energy and way more strength. I want to gain more weight and put on muscle then go on a round-house kicking spree across Colorado.
    Also, if anyone would like a tour of the facility, Jared is a master. He will give you the entire run down, room-by-room, peice of equipment by piece of equipment. You’ll never have to get lost on your way to the bathroom again!

  5. Mark :

    I am also very interested in participating in this Paleo challenge. I work tomorrow so…might be able to swing by if were in the area..Are you going to be offering any other days to go over this information? Let me know! Ya all have a great rest of your weekend.

  6. Anna :

    Yep, the pic is Joylyn and I taping before Friday’s WOD. Both of us finished the entire WOD WITHOUT A BAND!!! I really don’t remember our times somewhere in the 20’s. But we rocked out the pullups.
    Alan and I (since I cook)are going to be gluten free/paleo/zone for the next 8 weeks. Wow what a mouthful. Some modifications will be made. Alan wanting to put on mass and me wanting to lose more fat. Should be difficult.
    I am not very computer savy. Where could we blog about or successes, failed attempts, recipes, and discussions to vent during this 7 weeks. Any suggestions???

  7. Matt :

    Blog right here Anna. If you have any recipes, simple or complex, I will do my best to post them the day I receive them. Our recipes page is a little tired at the moment.
    Rich, Adidas olymipic weight lifting shoes are the best bet. A more economical choice would be the Do-Winn’s that you see me and Cherie in or the slightly more expensive pair that Anna has. You can pick them up from Pendlay Barbell:
    CALL FOR SIZING INFO! They don’t fit true to size.
    Everyone else, glad to hear that you’re doing to the challenge. It will prove to be a challenge indeed, but with a spectacular outcome – improved fitness and health. We’ll be holding a second discussion one evening this week prior to starting the challenge on the 7th. Most likely Wednesday or Thursday around 8:30pm. We’ll let you know for sure when we decide.
    Joylyn and Anna, WOD as RX’d with 81 pullups is no easy task. Keep up the good work.
    I’ve taken the last two days off because of my cough. Looking forward to getting back on the horse.

  8. Rich :

    Wed or Thurs at 830 would be great since I am working this weekend… I am excited for this challenge, I am slowly starting to transition into the Paleo Diet.
    I went to Whole Foods and purchased Pecans, Macadamia nuts, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, and Dried Cran and Goji berries from the bulk food section. Along with some Beef jerky to create my own “Paleo Kits” which are great for snacks!
    Thanks for the info about the shoes Cherie and Matt – you two always mention how important a solid foundation is and that starts with the shoes! You guys rock!

  9. Matt :

    Oh, I totally agree with Cherie about the Adidas Indoor Soccer shoes too. They are $25, have very little rubber (less compression under the heel during lifting), and are pretty much racing flats (fast running shoes). Good investment for those of you looking for a cheap crossfit shoe.

  10. cherie :

    Rich – you crack me up.
    Anna- I’ll start the blogging now. So it’s been 7 days and I have been eating Paleo now. I’m working out a few things that I don’t want to waste like soymilk, so by the 7th it will be totally Paleo. I am NOT zoning, as I feel the restriction are a bit much for me right now. I am however making sure that I have Protien Carbs and Fat in every meal. Here is how it has gone. I have lost 6 pound ( I know this dosn’t sound good, but I did gain very fast and we all know that quick weight gain was not baby Chan). I have been less tired and less moody (Matt may not agree, we’ll have to ask). I truly am feeling happier.
    Now to get a little personal. Most prego women get consipation as the digestion slows. I have been in that state for a few months now, until this week. Things are running much smoother you could say.
    Things I found that are wonderful;
    Nutty cereal
    Take all the ingredients and blend in the blender. Heat for 5 minutes. It is an amazing alternative to oatmeal. I added turkey bacon for the protien.
    Also avocado, lime juice and a little water. Put in the blender and liquify. This is a salad dressing like no other.

  11. tim M :

    I have tons of Paleo recipes If anyone needs any. Let me know.

  12. Joylyn :

    As rx’d 7 rounds. Looking forward to the nutrition meeting tomorrow and sharing some yummy recipes along the way. Mas and I are going to try to do Paleo/Zone. We are using up the rest of our dairy and gluten products (almost done) through the rest of this week, along with our protein powders.
    I’m going to get my hydrostatic body fat testing on Monday, to compare it with my results a couple years ago, and can’t wait to do it again at the end of the Paleo challenge.

  13. luke :

    Tim, or anyone else with recipes,
    That’d help me a lot. Any ideas are welcome, just because when your options are limited, the ol’ apple, walnut, chicken breakfast/lunch/dinner combo can get a smidge’ monotonous. Not that I do that. All right I totally do that.

  14. Elizabeth :

    7 rounds as prescribed at the “big gym” as Zoe calls it. Good luck everyone with the Paleo Challenge!

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