Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:

Overhead squats, 95# (65#)


Post time and thoughts to comments.


Coming soon, CrossFit Verve at 38th and King.

Cookie: Max rep push-ups

Overhead squats are a test of balance, midline stabilization, and body awarenessThey find your weaknesses like no other exercise can.  If you have inflexible shoulders, as many men do, the OHS will uncover and expose this weakness for all to see.  If you have a weak core, especially spinal erectors, you will be fighting to keep your chest up.  If your hip flexors, glutes, or hamstrings are your shortcomings… well, you get the idea.

CFV, think back to your Elements class.  We discussed what an efficient, powerful squat is and laid the foundation for front squats and OHS.  We then took the bar overhead in a snatch grip, pulled the shoulder blades back, activated the shoulders by press them into your ears, and kept the chest up nice and high.  We lowered into a deep squat and fired off those low back erectors to maintain good squat position, until the crease of the hip was below the kneecap.  Squeeze that posterior chain and open the hips dynamically to arrive at a locked out position. 

Piece of cake, right?  3-2-1-GO!


  1. Matt :

    So exciting! Everyone is going to kill tomorrow’s WOD too. 38th, here we come!

  2. Amy :

    I almost cried when I saw the picture of the gym!!! Although Matt, Cherie, and Anthony do all of the work, I feel as though this is my gym too and I have pride and respect for it.
    As for tonight, I am not able to make it bowling. I have a prior obligation that I can’t bail on. It may also be important to note that I once bowled a 7. Yes, a 7. Think about that for a minute. I am either a genius and lack the simple comprehension of getting a ball to knock down pins or I am slightly retarded……i’ll let you decide.
    One more thing. My cousin is starting CF in San Francisco and she started a blog about her experiences. The address is:
    I wonder what will happen when the government realizes that there is a fairly large village of people who all posses Chuck Norris strength and actually get along with each other…….

  3. Amy :

    Just an idea…..
    Maybe on the Facebook CrossFit profile there could be protected link (only members) where we could post phone numbers?

  4. stef :

    amy, you sound really smart with your technical skills. Can you teach me to bowl 😉
    I am SO excited about the new gym!!! Congrats Cherie, Matt and Anthony 🙂 I know this has to be exciting for you all as CF is growing!

  5. Matt :

    Amy, sounds like a great idea. And please… keep the Chuck Norris strength thing as quiet as possible – we wouldn’t want to get recruited into the middle east.
    Anyone know any competing MMA fighters?

  6. JaRed :

    I know of an X-MMA fighter. Oh yeah, and I almost got in a fight, once… almost… a long time ago… in elementary.
    The picture of the building is very excite!
    NICE JOB on the WOD yesterday Mas! That was a very intense time that you earned. Its amazing to see the strength capacities be unleashed!
    I am going to own these dirty little overhead squats tonight!

  7. Matt :

    Wish I could be there to see it JaRed. Kill it today!

  8. Emmalee :

    I did the cookie at: 57 push ups
    I did the 3-3-3-3-3 deadlifts (165, 175, 175, 175, 185.)
    I did 200 squats for time: 05:13 mins, and then worked some overhead squats for form, not time.

  9. Evan 5280 :

    Congratulations Matt, Cherie, and all the Verve family. It is so awesome to see you guys getting into your own space. I have been following the site for the past couple months and everyone looks great. I even do your WODs when I am at TFD sometimes to shake things up. Anyhow, congrats! I would love to come by and check it out some time. Hopefully you all and Craig can get 5280 and Verve doing a combo Saturday WOD again.

  10. luke :

    as rx’d, 6:35
    The new Verve looks great.:)

  11. WOD times
    Cheresa 15:57
    Mike 16:02
    Nicole 13:17 35#
    Blake 12:02 75#
    Mas 6:11
    Jen 9:41 35#
    Anna 9:02
    Joylyn 11:05 55#
    Alan 11:32 85#
    Gerson 10:11 45#
    Dan 5:57
    Jared 7:20
    Amy 8:13
    Tiffany 5Krow 22:55
    Elements #2
    Sara 8:15 40#
    Sherry 7:37 20#
    Joei 16:59 35#
    Shoulder press
    Great job with “Jeremy” today.
    Emmalee amazing with the push-ups.
    Luke great time!
    See you all at the park.

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