"Deck of cards"

Grab a partner and a deck of cards.  Write as many CrossFit exercises as you like on all the cards.  Make it fun!  Or pick things you know you need to work on.  Shuffle the deck and on the count of 3.2.1…  Go!  Only one person is doing work at a time, unless the card otherwise states.

Come join us at 11am for this WOD at Commons Park.


Jared flying high on the homemade hurdles


Cass killin it on her first WOD!


  1. Wyman :

    Hearts: burpies
    Spades: lunges
    Clubs: sit ups
    Diamonds: squats
    Number on the card was the number of reps.
    Face cards were 15, aces were 20
    Jokers doubled the following card turned.
    Legs are stiff and sore.

  2. Matt :

    Wyman, sounds waaaay hard. Nice job – move to Denver.

  3. Cherie :

    Before I post times can I just say WOW to Wyman. Did you have a partner?
    Aces: Tuck Jumps (11)
    Hearts: Hurdles
    Diamonds: Burpees
    Clubs: Sit-ups
    Spades: Over Head Squats with PVC
    Joker: Run 400m with team
    All two’s: Farmers Walk with 53/36 and 36/24 Kettle bells
    Face cards ten and numbers were reps.
    Pansy: 22:46
    Rough Riders: 22:50
    CAC Girls: 23:00
    Kick Ass: 26:33
    SoCos: 16:17
    Tricky Dick: 24:21
    Monkey Wood: 21:47
    Double AA: 21:14
    We had 16 athletes compete today! Awesome job guys and thanks again for making the trip.

  4. Anna :

    The workout was great and what a turn out! Nice to meet all of you, since we all have something in common. Have a great weekend, love to work out with you guys again.

  5. beci :

    Cherie –
    Thanks again! What a blast!
    Can’t wait to kick it with you guys again.

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