Max reps push ups

Followed by 4 rounds for time of:

12 Dumbell hang squat cleans 45# (30#)

9 Ring dips

6 Sumo deadlift high pulls 115# (75#)

Rest 1 minute (stop time)

Max rep push ups

Post reps of push ups and time to comments


What are you training for?  Cherie on Supercrack – Indian Creek.


  1. cherie :

    65 pushups 17:41 11 pushups
    60 pushups 7:01 28 pushups
    28 pushups 12:20 15 pushups
    Squat cleans were a killer. We all used the parallel bars instead of rings. We wanted to play on the bars:)
    Great workout thanks for joining us Anthony.

  2. Carol :

    What a great web site. Love the pics.

  3. Matt :

    Thanks Carol, it’s a work in progress. Keep checking back – as we get more and more clients, we’ll be posting more pictures.

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