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100 Medicine Ball Cleans

100 Knees-to-elbows.

Partition the MBC's and K's-to-E's however you please.

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The Palmisano boys - word to your mother.
Today at noon we're hosting another "Get in the Zone" workshop at Verve. This is a great opportunity to get dialed in for the first day of the "Zone/Real Food Challenge."  We will introduce you to the Zone and Paleolithic eating and discuss the foundations of a sound long term nutritional program.  We will discuss timing and frequency of meals, sizing and portioning of meals specific to you (your body measurements, your activity level, and your goals).  We'll also build a day's worth of meals and discuss how to make the most of every meal.
The Challenge
What we put in our mouths has a profound effect on our health and performance.  Members come to us everyday looking to improve their fitness, game or body composition.  Working out alone will not achieve optimal results.  CrossFit's theoretical hierarchy of the development of an athlete, illustrates the importance of our diets.
Nutrition is the foundation of which our health and performance are based.   Imagine playing a team sport and not keeping score.  Imagine taking a bike ride and ignoring how many miles you've gone.  Imagine doing a WOD, without being timed and with unknown loads.  This all seems silly right.  In order to improve our fitness, plan our ride or rank our team, we must "keep score".  So why wouldn't you do this with food? 
Well that is exactly what we are asking you to do for 8 weeks, track your performance and measure your intake and results.  It is the only way to truly determine if we are on the right track to improving your health and fitness goals.
The competition nitty gritty.
In order to participate you must complete the following:
Must take a before photo within the week of August 1st – 8th.
Must be weighed and measured.
Must anti-in $10 (Winners take all).
Must complete "Fran" and "CrossFit Total" before August 8th.
Must keep a detailed food log.
Diet needs to consist of your personal Zone portions (blocks) and real food.  Real food is food that is not manufactured (the mix of more than one thing to get a product).  Pasta is manufactured, rice is not.
No supplements, i.e. Aftershock.
Competition will last a total of 8 weeks, August 1st – September 30th. 
Winners will be announce the first week of October.
Carbohydrate swapping is allowed.
Let's be honest, there won't be a person involved that won't have hugh benefit if they stick to these perimeters.  But, there will be officially two winners, top female and top male.  Winning will be determined via two factors; % of fitness increase and % of body composition change. 
The top man and woman will both recieve;
The $ pot.
1 Free month membership at Verve.
A Buddy Lee magic jump rope.
A Verve T-shirt of your choice.
To support your efforts we will be conducting bi-weekly nutrition meetings and bi-weekly pot lucks.  Today is the first nutrition meeting at noon held in the gym.  Additionally, each 7:30pm class Monday – Friday the week of August 3rd – August 7th you will be able to complete the required workouts.  We are using your Fran time from last week.  Monday the 3rd the WOD will be the CrossFit total.
Train like a super hero and eat like a caveman!


  1. Sherry :

    I saw Catherine ask (on FB) if the challenge was 6 weeks or 8 weeks. Hell, 6 days Would be a challenge for me.
    ONE day is a challenge!
    OK. Could I get a challenge buddy to check in with daily.
    Like AA, (so I’ve heard) I’m going to take it one day at a time. I’ll do a ‘daily challenge’ every day for the 6, damn it, I mean 8 weeks.
    Yep, that’s what I’m up to, zone diet just for one day! Today.
    Anyone want to be my buddy? Much thanks!

  2. Amy Schaeffer :

    Sherry, I will be your buddy!!!! Let’s do this!
    – Amy

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    Erin, also I forgot to tell you that I will be on the hiking trip….what time are we meeting on Monday?

  4. Monique Orthober :

    I got my first Rx WOD today!
    I think the food challenge will be great. And I’m always a fan of potlucks…so bring on the bi-weekly potlucks.

  5. Cherie :

    Hey guys – thanks for a great nutrition discussion today. If you have any questions please post here to be answered so that we all can learn. Otherwise call my phone, I’m always available 720-425-4898.

  6. Derek :

    Monique awesome job, You are getting super strong. At the nutrition discussion Cherie talked about swapping out a carb block for a fat block. I just wanted to say that I have been doing this for one of my meals (usually dinner) for about 8 days and it has been awesome. It has really helped with hunger and energy issues. Awesome workout today

  7. Joylyn :

    Congrats Monique!
    I’m gonna miss my aftershock….but yay for fish oil/cod liver oil! Definitely helps the recovery. Super excited about the potlucks too.
    I did some snatch work and a 5k today on the treadmill at the firehouse…my wrists are killing me overhead! Any ideas to remedy this? I tried some good warmup and joint mobility beforehand, but they just feel sore and very weak…See you all tomorrow!

  8. Dan :

    Did today’s workout at the firehouse. My partner on the gut bucket has been working out with me and is now convinced I’m trying to kill him. I told him if he can still complain then he’s not close to passing out yet. Looking forward to the nutrition challenge! Any ideas for protein on the go?

  9. lil :

    Real food. So, I’m assuming zone bars are out? Also, hypothetically speaking, what if you cheat. Like take a bite of mac&cheese or PB&J by accident. Or eat a graham cracker. Are you disqualified? I’m just wondering. ‘Cause I plan on kicking some butt on this challenge, but sometimes I don’t even realize I’m cheating until I’ve done it. Oops I did it again…you know how it goes. This is already hard, but good.

  10. Matt :

    Cheating is permissable but not advisable. The man/woman that wins the challenge will not cheat. To stay in the zone and realize it’s full benefits, cheating must occur almost never. It’s only eight weeks.

  11. lil :

    How ’bout the zone bar question? Is that not real food therefore not permissable? Just a question. Please don’t be mean. I’m just wondering. Trying to plan.

  12. Monique Orthober :

    Suggestion for protein on the go:
    Buy all-natural turkey breast sliced and then you can just throw some in a baggy to take with you.
    Cherie recommended turkey jerky in the nutrition class.
    Just a thought.

  13. Cherie :

    Zone bars are manufactured so not reccommended for this challenge. In general we should try to eliminate zone bars, but it is understodd that they are a necessity every once in a while.
    On the go protien: What Moniques said and also hard boiled eggs
    Lil please call if you have any questions – I’ll be ahppy to help

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