As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

3 Weighted pull-ups 25#(15#)

4 Burpee box jumps
5 Overhead squats 95#(65#)
Post rounds to comments.
What happens after "The Chief"?


  1. Mark Atkinson :

    So I have a random idea tonight…let me know what you all think..but I think it would be cool to put together the “ideal” Crossfit Verve music playlist. So everyone submits say top two favorite songs to workout to..and then we can compile a playlist with them all on it…? That way when we workout we can have a song that motivates everyone…let me know…

  2. Mas :

    I like the way you think! Is “Wind beneath my wings” taken???? J/k

  3. Anna :

    Sounds like a plan. Are you going to bring a hard drive or something we can download to?
    There will be a barbecue at Tim Martin’s house on Monday if anyone wants to go, he will post the details.
    Anyone interested in going out tonightfor drinks and game? The little bear in Eergreen is always rockin, or somewhwere in denver for you city folk. I

  4. Tim M :

    Like Anna said BBQ my place Monday. Call me for directions. My info is at the Gym and on FB. It is BYOB and I will get meat. Anna said she had some Ribs. Bring Sides and if you want something else bring it all is welcome along with dogs.
    Tim M

  5. Cherie :

    Mark –
    I LOVE IT. We can facilate the playlist.
    Cheers CC

  6. Catherine :

    Hey! Great minds think alike! I was just talking about gathering all the best workout music yesterday… I like to hear stuff outside of my normal list. It’s easy to get in a rut for sure.
    I always love to hear new stuff. 🙂
    Anyway the list can be posted on the website?

  7. Mark Atkinson :

    Ya maybe verve can facilate the playlist..then I can download the songs or something and put them on the ipods..

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