"Fugly Forty"

40 Push press 65# (50#)

40 Double unders

40 Waiter carry lunges 53# (35#)

40 Box jumps 30" (24")

40 Squats

40 Sit ups

40 Mountain climbers

40 Snatches 65# (50#)

40 Kettlebell swings 53# (35#)

40 Burpees

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Left to right: Alan, Anthony, Chris, Amy, Anna, Shyla, and Cherie, 7:30pm class.  Awesome job – thanks for coming out everyone.  A big congratulations to Matt, who’s now officially CrossFit Level II certified. 


  1. Matt :

    Alan 35:06
    Anna 36:05
    Nice job today guys, you earned a well deserved rest day!

  2. “Fugly Forty?” You guys should’ve done the “dirty thirty” with us…
    Nice site. I’m excited to have both of you in the community – look forward to doing some CO affiliate stuff. Janelle’s party is tonight at 8pm if you wanna swing by. Later man.

  3. cherie :

    thanks for the kind words. We would be there but Matt is at the Firehouse and I’m finishing my level 1. We need to come by and see you soon. PS your new site looks awesome.

  4. mike :

    Hey, Mike from Platoon Fitness. Wanted to send congrats to you on passing the cert for Level II. How did you do??

  5. daws :

    Holy SH#%T the fugly 40 is more like the F**** YOU UP 40! Take care… Daws.

  6. cherie :

    Nice job. When you comin in for a WOD? PS. Everyone needs a good F*** you up every once in a while.

  7. May :

    Since we were on duty we did the “Twaty Twenty” Forty was a little crazy. 14:40 for me and you’ll have to ask Wyman for everyone elses times. See you guys soon, and Congrats on the cert.

  8. Matt :

    May, nice job. That’s the beautiful thing about CF… universally scalable to the individual. See you next set.

  9. cherie :

    Thanks May, now we’re are even more finatical about fitness.

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