For max load:

Hang power clean 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

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It's pull-up time!  CrossFit Verve will be moving to 3451 W. 38th in Denver some time in the next couple of weeks.  We are as anxious as you are!

Let's talk set-up.  What will set you up for success for a 1RM of hang power clean?  Normally, I'd tell you that you have all the time in the world to dial in your set-up from the floor, but because today's WOD is done from the hang, a timely set-up is of the essence.

Start by deadlifting the barbell to the hang position.  From here you should be in the proper pulling stance, or jump position.  If not, adjust the feet to under the hips or slightly outside of hips.  Knees and hips should be locked to start with an established lumbar curve.  When ready, take a deep breath to create pressure in the chest cavity and to lower the diaphram into the abdomen.  Keep a big chest and maintain an upright position, being certain to not dip the chest forward.  Unlock the hips and knees slightly – enough to generate some upward momentum.  In a jumping motion, violently extend the hips, knees and ankles in what's known as the "triple extension". 

At this point, the bar has momentum and is gaining elevation against the body.  Once you reach full triple extension, shrug your shoulders hard to continue the upward progress of the barbell.  At this point, you have nothing left to pull with that is going to assist you in lifting the barbell further.  So plant those feet flat on the ground in a shoulder width stance and pull yourself under the barbell rapidly.  You do this by sticking a quarter squat with the weight in your heels and shooting the elbows under the barbell as quickly as possible. By now you should be grounded with the barbell in the racked position – elbows high, bar resting on the shelf created by the shoulders.

Stand up.  You just completed a hang power clean.  Add some weight and do it again!

Sage Burgener demonstrating the hang power clean, with dad narrating.


  1. Amy :

    Hey Erin, yes, you can still have my spot and deposit but Agoge has requested that the remaining balance be paid ASAP.
    If you want, I will call them today and see what it will take to transfer the deposit over to you.

  2. Amy :

    o, and AWESOME PICTURE!!!!

  3. Milk :

    what size pipe did you go with on the pullup bar Matt? I’ve been using both 1 1/8 and 1 1/4. Haven’t really found out what’s best.

  4. Milky, we went with 1 1/4″ steel. We had one section powdercoated as a tester, but it didn’t turn out with a rough texture as I’d expected. I’ll let you know about that when we get a section that’s to our liking. Hope you guys are well.
    Joei 75#
    Emily 60#
    Britt 60#
    Sara 85#
    Mas 215#
    Dan 245#
    Joylyn 115#
    Alan 165#
    Anna 110#
    Jen 75#
    Jake 130#
    Kiley 95#
    Doug 125#
    Mark 145#
    Elizabeth 125#
    Ben 180#
    Leet 135#
    Cheresa 105#
    Mike 150#
    5k Row
    Chelsea 25:22
    11/30/09 WOD
    Elizabeth 26:03 (85#)
    Elements #3
    AMRAP 10min: 7 burpee, 7 ball clean (4#)
    Chris 4rds
    Tough movement today. You’ll notice that this weight is under your full power clean and well under your full squat clean. But, by practicing pulling the clean from different heights, you’ll learn to be explosive where ever possible. Today was a perfect example. Nice job.

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