4 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

30 Partner chest slapping push ups

30 Partner pull overs 4#

30 Partner back to back goblet squats 53# (35#)

Post time and partners to comments.

What do trainers do when they aren’t training?  Check it out!

Fun times with Chris, Todd and Matt.    

Colorado State Patrol Cert. from Matt Chan on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 8th CrossFit 5280 and CrossFit SoCos will be joining us for a little CrossFit fun at Commons Park.  The workout will begin at 11am and will include hurdles and is free to anyone who would like to come.  Please e-mail us if you can make it, so that we can be prepared for the turn out.


  1. daws :


  2. cherie :

    That’s what I said. Will be fun and hard. If you don’t have a friend who enjoys pain like you do, try it without.
    Push-ups are done with one partner over the other holding the rib cage and doing a squat with each rep.
    Pull-overs throw the ball back and forth, let it touch the ground behind you each rep.
    Squats are back to back, each partner has a KB.
    Hope this helps.

  3. cherie :

    Fran as rx’d from Elements 2&4 17:38

  4. cherie :

    Anna and Alan 27:47
    Liz and Cherie 28:48
    This was a fun one, and harder than it looks

  5. cherie :

    Matt “Fran” 2:54

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