"Annie are you okay?"

21 -15 -9


Thrusters 95# (65#)

Sumo deadlift high pull 24kg (16kg)


Medicine ball cleans 20# (15#)

Wallballs 20# (15#)

This is a team workout.  All members must complete their station before moving on to the next.  All members will complete all reps and exercises.  Rest is determined by the slowest member of the team. 

Post time and team members to comments.


  1. Mas and Joylyn :

    I love that video. It is true, if you are not taking risks, you are not really living to the fullest extent. I see “Ververs” take risks everyday at the gym. Whether it is trying to lift that extra ten pounds, or pushing themselves to get under a certain time. You guys rock! I love being part of this team. Risk alot to gain alot.

  2. tiff :

    hooooey. that was a doozy! looking forward to swimming tomorrow…
    and speaking of swimming…i would like to invite all you ververs to come hang by the pool this week. we could get a gathering going pretty much any day (altho it’s a lot less crowded on the weekdays), there’s a grill so bring food and bev if you want. or just swing by for a quick dip. it’s at the parkway pool (warning: it can get frat party-esque on the wknds) near 11th and speer. call or shoot me a text if you wanna pool it up this week. 303-585-1550

  3. Matt :

    Great job today Verve peeps. Way to endure a tough one with such positive vibes and encouragement. This is one where the weakest link truly feels weak, but you’d never know it with our verve. Proud.
    On another note, I am really excited to get a WOD in the pool tomorrow. Its going to be nice getting out of the gym for a WOD and enjoy some nice cool water.
    Thanks for the great attendance at the nutrition workshop – I had fun with you guys. Remember, anytime you want to schedule a 1-on-1 nutrition, just email us.

  4. Catherine :

    Holy schnikees on today’s WOD. I feel calm and worked out right now but I fear tomorrow’s pain. Getting in the pool will be nice to workout some kinks 🙂
    Just to confirm, this is the address for the pool, right?: Berkeley Recreation Ctr 5031 W 46th Ave, Denver, CO 80212-2555
    On another note: I just can’t say enough good things about how everyone is so great about encouraging each other. It does make a difference for sure. I thought I was gonna die today (or close to it) and you guys literally got me the hell off the floor to continue. That really means a lot and you really can’t buy that sort of kindness. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such genuinely good people. It makes me want to do better and be more supportive of others as well. Personal transformations take a level of self-absorption and so it’s great that everyone, while taking care of themselves, always make sure to keep the good words flowin’ to other Ververs.
    Thanks for the great group nutrition session too. That was really valuable to be able to bounce information off vetrans and brainstorm against how others perceive The Zone diet.

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