Saturday, April 25th 2009

For max load:

Clean & jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Weight may not rest on the ground during repetititions of three.

Post loads to comments. 


Zac and Heather getting crazy with partner push-ups.

The MBS CrossFit Oly meet is at 9am today.  Check out all the details hereMatt will be attending, anyone else heading that way?

Don't forget to get measured, weighed and photographed for the conclusion of the Paleo challenge this weekend.

Thanks to Jake for designing our new Verve superhero t-shirts.  We will be ordering ASAP and previewing the design here.

Congrats to Mark for getting a muscle-up today, Mas and Joylyn for linking chest to bar pull-ups.  Flip for hopping back on the horse.  Chelsea is kicking butt on her kipping pull-ups and Cheresa got butterfly pull-ups today.  Strong work people.  Post other celebrations to comments.

Don't forget ***This Sunday, Jared and Amy are hosting a post-Paleo Challenge potluck.  This is your chance to come in and put a name to a face of all the athletes that you haven't met.  It's also your chance to share your favorite Paleo recipe that you found during the seven week challenge.  We hope to announce the winners of the Challenge at the party, so make sure you get your photos and measurements taken today or tomorrow.  By the way, this will not be a Paleo-only party – Amy and Jared are getting a keg.

The party will be held at 5800 Tower Rd. Denver 80249.  See the map yesterday for directions.  Be there at 2pm and stay until you've stuffed yourself with Paleo pancakes and beer.  Let everyone know you're coming – post to comments!***


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    Hey All!
    Ok, for those who want to join tonight, a few of us are meeting at the Cheeky Monk – – at 5 pm for dinner and then heading over to the Fillmore for Roller Derby –
    The more the merry!

  2. Matt :

    Oh my God that was fun.

  3. Heather :

    Wow your quick Matt….very fun, next dance party in my living room I promised you’ll have more room, I’ll keep you posted on the date. You all are great, thanks for the good times!!! : )

  4. tiffany :

    i like more room for the booty shakin!!! =) awesome tonight!!! so fun to see everyone let loose. =) whew those beers at cheeky monk are goooooooood….. yikes o rama

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