For time:

1 Rep of "Bear" 135#(95#)

21 Push-ups
21 Box-jumps
21 Ball-slams

3 Reps of "Bear" 135#(95#)

15 Push-ups
15 Box-jumps
15 Ball-slams

5 Reps of "Bear" 135#(95#)

9 Push-ups
9 Box-jumps
9 Ball-slams

Post time to comments.

Stef keeping her hips back in the dip before going overhead.
This Saturday May 31st at 9am, CrossFit Highlands Ranch and CrossFit 5280 are holding the WOD "Trevor".  All interested peeps post to comments and we will see if we can get a crew together. 

CrossFit made a documentary film about the road to the CrossFit Games 2008.  We purchased the DVD and are going to be hosting a showing at the gym to be announce as soon as we receive the movie.

There is a brochure posted on the bulletin board detailing the information about rafting June 20th.  All interested check it out and post to comments if you are coming, I'm sure there is a deposit of some sort involved, Lisa?

Verve playlist.  So far we have heard from Ben on the music for the Verve playlist.  Please post some songs that you would like to hear to comments and we will get that complied and start rocking at the gym.


  1. Gerson M :

    I’m in for Sat’s Trevor WOD…

  2. Gerson M :

    The downfall of us all-A day to remember
    Bulls on parade-rage against the machine
    Psychosocial- Slipnot
    Sabotage-Beastie boys

  3. Gerson M :

    The downfall of us all-A day to remember
    Bulls on parade-Rage against the machine
    Sabotage-Beastie boys

  4. AmySchaeffer :

    I am in for Trevor assuming I don’t have to work. I am definitely in for rafting and I call front row for the movie.

  5. By Disturbed: Guarded, 10 Thousand Fists in the Air, Invincible
    Stronger-Kanye West
    Remember the Name-Fort Minor

  6. Catherine (aka Anastasia Beaverhausen) :

    Wow, kicked my ARSE today… wanted to vomit kinda.
    Here is some music:
    *Gogol Bordello “Underdog World Strike” (really fun Ukrainian stuff): ALL OF IT: Not a Crime, Sally, Immigrant Punk, Star Wearing Purple, 60 Revolutions, Mishto!
    *Radiohead “In Rainbows”: 15 Step, Bodysnatchers, Reckoner, Jigsaw Falling into Place
    Mute Math: Typical, Picture, Control, Break the Same, Obsolete, Plan B, Noticed, Chaos,
    *Pink: So What
    *Lady GaGa
    *Korn: Twisted Transistor
    *INXS: LIVE at Wembley (LOVE THIS ALBUM!)
    *Metallica: Black album
    *Paul Oakenfold
    *Pussycat Dolls
    OK… that’ll do for now, if I come across anything else, I’ll post it.
    That Gogol Bordello stuff is fun, so try that! We can all do the squat dance like cossacks! hehe…

  7. donna :

    Some of these may date me, but here goes:
    Radiohead – 2+2=5
    NIN – Head Like a Hole
    Pixies – Broken Face
    Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
    Eminem – Without Me
    Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Steelin
    Chemical Brothers – Galaxy Bounce
    Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
    TV on the Radio – Dancing Choose
    Saliva – Click Click Boom
    Led Zepplin – Whole Lotta Love
    Groove Armada – Super Stylin’

  8. Rich :

    As some of you know I was supposed to leave last Sunday for 6 months – the Saudi Gov’t hadn’t processed my Visa application so I couldn’t go with the rest of my unit. So, I was in the “hurry up and wait” mode that the military is famous for! I recieved a phone call today after a kick ass WOD (thanks Cherie) notifying me that I need to pack my bags and be at the base tomorrow morning so we can get our flight out and on our way! Today was my last WOD for 6 or 7 months with Crossfit Verve.
    Just want to tell everyone to rock on and keep killing these workouts because I will be doing the same thing in Saudi Arabia! I should be back before Christmas and the Verve will be one of the first few places I come to!
    If anyone wants to contact me here is my information:
    Skype: Search for my name (richard mcclung)
    Facebook: Add me through Matt or Cherie’s FB
    I will also post my address up here when I find out what it is…
    Thanks to everyone who I have done a WOD with, pushing eachother and bonding through the workout rocks! And to Matt ‘n Cherie for everything you guys have done for me, you have pushed me physically and mentally then I have ever been before!
    Enough rambling on – You guys ROCK and I will see you all when I get back!!! Pictures will be sent, and posted on the facebook!
    PS: a couple songs –
    Kid Rock – American Badass
    Kanye West – Amazing

  9. Gerson M :

    More music
    my own summer-Deftones
    Sleep now is the fire-Rage against the machine
    Good life-Kanye West
    Kryptonite-Big Boi
    Ghetto Rock-Mos Def

  10. Catherine :

    Hey Rich!
    Great to workout with ya today! Thanks for cheering me on when I wanted to fall over…
    I also wanted to tell you to STAY SAFE over there and THANKS for serving. Way to go and we all look forward to seeing you when you return.
    Heck, I might send ya a note to see how your workouts are going!
    Take care and we’ll see ya soon…

  11. Matt :

    Rich, sorry I won’t be around to say goodbye in person. Have fun over there, we’ll look forward to your return. It was great OHS’ing with you yesterday.
    TV on the Radio “Staring at the Sun”
    Jean Grae “Threats”
    Slipknot “Duality”

  12. Lisa Ward :

    Hey Everybody!
    I’ve made a really easy to read (Katie, my 6:00 AM workout buddy and first grade teacher will be proud) bulletin board about the rafting trip that I will post at the gym this weekend about the raft trip. Answers lots of questions people often ask as well as gives info about payment and location. I will follow up with maps and camping sites in the next week. I can’t stress enough how fun this trip will be. The rivers are currently overflowing in the mountains and unrunable! It will be a big water year due to all the rain and snow. That means by June 20th, it will be awesome!

  13. Lisa Ward :

    Hey Everybody,
    I made a bulletin board (Katie, my 6 AM workout buddy and first grade teacher will be proud) with info on the raft trip for June 20th that I will post at the gym this weekend. It addresses common questions people have as well as cost and location information. I will also be providing written directions to the put-in site as well as camping options. I can’t stress enough how awesome this trip will be. Currently, the rivers in the mountains are unrunable due to high water. That means a high water year and balls-to-the wall river rafting and kayaking! Hope you can make it! I’ll also have a sign up sheet at the gym. I’ll need a final count by June 15th to let the raft company know how many guides and boats we need. There will be a deposit of $25 which will be fully refunded the day of the trip as long as you show up! Guides only get paid if they run the river so, I don’t want them to show up if they won’t be working (ie: I tell the company we have 40 rafters and only 20 show up). If you pay the $25 and don’t come, that money will be given to the guides. The total cost of the trip is $50 which includes a wetsuit, splash jacket, gloves, booties, helmet, and lifejacket. Again, this is a GREAT price for a Class IV trip on the Arkansas River. Look for more info at the gym!

  14. Anna :

    Hey anyone doing the last chance WOD’s saturday??? Would love to participate
    So music:
    Cowboy: Kid Rock
    Click, click, boom: Saliva
    Bodies: Drowning Pool
    Next contestant: Nickleback
    Up all Night: Hinder
    Rich, good luck over there and thank you!!! Remember… sunscreen!!!

  15. Lisa Ward :

    Yikes. Sorry about the double post. The first was delayed and I couldn’t see it….

  16. Mark Atkinson :

    Ok…current top 5…
    Crack a bottle…Eminem
    Stronger…Kanye West
    All the above….Maino
    Im sure if you give me 3 more weeks…this list will def change

  17. Cherie :

    Mark – you need 3 more weeks?
    Rich – We are going to miss you, thanks and take care.

  18. beci Crossfit Highlands Ranch :

    Hey “Verve Crew”
    We would love to see you’all on Saturday!
    We’re starting at 9am,
    and going to bar-be-que afterwards.
    Jump on our website for directions!

  19. Tim M :

    I am in for wod sat

  20. Tim M :

    Who is going to Highlands ranch CF on Sat.

  21. Tiff :

    3oh!3 –> Richman
    Pitbull –> descarada; toma
    fort minor –> remember the name
    t-pain –> church
    trick daddy –> take it the house

  22. Tiff :

    3oh!3 –>starstrukk

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