Sausage and Kale “Can I have some more please” Soup

Soup is not just for winter people!  When the veggies are abundant from the summertime garden – it’s a great time to throw them together and fill out your soup pot.  It’s yummy, and filled with hearty veggies to fill up your tummy; often time when you go out to eat, you’re often left wishing for more healthy carbs.  You could easily substitute a leaner meat like chopped chicken breast for the sausage, and what about trying coconut milk for the heavy whipping cream–which is not necessarily paleo?  Also, instead of fresh veggies, you could easily make this with frozen spinach and frozen cauliflower if short on time.


Sausage, 20oz (20P)

Kale, chopped 10cups (5C)

Cauliflower, chopped 4cups (1C)

Onion, chopped 1.5cups (1C)

Garlic, minced

Bacon, 3 slices  (1P)

Heavy whipping cream, .33cup (20F)

Chicken broth, low sodium, 28oz

Water, 28oz


Crushed red pepper


Cook and drain your sausage and bacon, put aside.  Then, in the same large soup pot, add onion, garlic, cauliflower and your spices (pepper and crushed red pepper).  Cook until veggies start to soften.  Add chicken broth, water, and heavy whipping cream.  Bring to boil and then lower heat to simmer.  When you’re ready, add the kale and proteins and simmer down now, yo!  You may taste and decide to add more spice, depending on your palate…or if you like to mess with your significant other’s palate behind their back….read: Mas.  This will make you ALOT of soup, perfect to throw into the fridge and have ready made meals for after a long day.  

Approx 2/3cup = 1P, .33C, 1F. 

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