Monday 110314

Behind the neck jerk 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 reps

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Patrick is a committed HD&CC… will it pay off for the Challenge WOD?

Sugar – the other white powder

In our quest to eat for wellness and performance there is one thing that keeps us enslaved….one thing that keeps us wanting more: sugar, and artificial sweeteners.  The motto for eating for wellness is “Eat lean meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and NO SUGAR."

Oh, but how we Americans are so addicted to this little granule.  Sugar affects your body by binding to the opioid and dopamine receptors of your brain.  These are some of the same receptors that cocaine affects. In fact, you may feel the same symptoms that a drug addict will encounter. A person will increase intake of the drug.  People experience withdrawals from the drug when the availability of the drug is no longer, then a relapse back into the drug.  Think about it, you always feel the urge to eat more of a sweet snack. You get headaches when you are trying to quit sugar cold turkey. When you do have sugar again, it is hard not to binge on it right?  

Sugar lines

In 2008 French scientists did a study on lab rats. They were first given a steady dose of cocaine/water solution daily. Then they introduced a sugar/water solution to the rats and they were given the choice of cocaine or sugar. The rats would continually hit the lever for the sweet liquid solution every time. Wheening off of sugar is difficult and will take some time. You are strong in mind and body, you can do this. Don't give in to the other white powder.  What do you do to stave off those sweet cravings?


  1. Annie :

    Wait a minute here….if sugar is as bad as cocaine does that mean we are supposed to lay off the cocaine too?

  2. Greg B. :

    I simply substitute the cocaine for the sugar in most of my recipies, but you have to remember to double it for the right taste.

  3. Matt :


  4. Slaughter :

    wow – not sure I can handle double Greg. You’re a maniac!
    If i’ve got a sweet-tooth craving, some natural vanilla or honey yogurt with blueberries will usually do the trick. I guess this still has some sugar but not as bad as the brownies and cookies. My other option is the following:
    1) Put entire pint of coconut ice-cream in bowl
    2) line outsides of bowl with gluten-free brownies
    3) slap large slice of cheesecake on top
    4) Consume at maximum intensity
    5) Feel sick, throw up, go to sleep.

  5. Sarah Lev :

    I have witnessed Slaughter doing something along those lines…that is really what happens!

  6. Tobias Coffin :

    for the behind the neck jerk, are your hands in a snatch position (wide) or regular (narrow)?

  7. Matt :

    Either… sntach grip is preferred (more stable, less ROM to lockout).

  8. Donna :

    Andy Dutton is WINNING! Andy had the winning raffle ticket for a month tuition at Lakes Gymnastics and a $25 gift certificate to Hart’s Dancewear and Skating – so now he can get a new pair of those fancy tights. I’ll post your winnings on the board at Verve, Andy. Thanks again to everyone who supported Parker’s preschool by buying a raffle ticket.

  9. Jim Duwve :

    Since I completely wigged out on the class starting time today, I went home and did the WOD in my garage after warming up at Verve.
    155/165/175/185f/185/190(pr)/195f (used jerk grip)
    I’m going to leave myself notes all over the house that class starts at 12:00 not 1:00.

  10. Andy :

    I am like the Charlie Sheen of gymnastics raffles. I really hope I’m not the only adult in the class. Regardless, I’m definitely wearing my fancy tights to Hart’s Dancewear and Skating. A tutu doesn’t seem like it should be out of the question either. Anything for your son’s preschool, Donna.

  11. Tobias Coffin :

    135/145/155/165/175(new pr)/ 185f/ 185f

  12. Great place you all have here at Verve! Thanks for letting me join your class tonight. Verve Rocks!

  13. Donna :

    I drink Bengal spice tea for sweet cravings.

  14. Mas :

    Thanks Nat for being a great partner. 225/245/255/265/285/300x/300x Almost had it!!

  15. NateR :

    first time doin a 1 rep max for these, felt like I had an attempt at 190 in me. Definitely satisfied though. thanks for the tabata squats Cherie

  16. Jake :

    just getting tired on those 195s.. I can do it. Good luck to all those competing in the Open!

  17. David S :


  18. Joylyn :

    Wowzer lots of sweet PR’s today and fun lifting to watch!
    93-103-113-118-123-128-133 no fails, stopped at a wee tad over 80% of old max, like my wise coach told me too. Body felt much more solid at the heavier weights–dang that body wants to be efficient!
    Nate, get some better shoes!
    Congrats on the winning raffle bid Andy, sweet tights + some gold bodypaint and a lifting/gymnast partner = you’re all set for glory.
    Jim–so glad you’ve joined us!

  19. cherie :

    No lifting today!
    However if I haven’t already bragged to you I got
    15 Body weight overhead squats yesterday 140# – and thus the rest day.
    See all of you soon for the Open

  20. Hi, I really enjoyed visiting your site and reading the interesting articles and comments that are posted here. Nice job, keep up the good work. 🙂

  21. Hi, I really enjoyed visiting your site and reading the interesting articles and comments that are posted here. Nice job, keep up the good work. 🙂

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