Sunday 091206

"Task Priority Cindy"

Fifteen rounds for time:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

Post time to comments.


Mark Atkinson taking it in – in all it's entirety.   

Thanks for a great 2009 holiday party – it was a blast!  Pictures to come.


  1. Xacha :

    Thanks Cherie & Matt I had a great time and it was good to see everyone in a different light. Amazing food, smiles, and music with a big thanks to Dan for the beats.
    Head on pillow, green dragon in hand, thinking about Cindy that little bitch.
    Hurts to move, but I might see you there.
    Thanks again

  2. husky dude ;-) :

    Great work out and even better food lecture! I am a true sucker for punishment! Going to do it over the holiday with my family. The eating will not be the hard part, the dealing with two brothers giving me endless crap over it will be a challenge! Thanx for the support you guys and girls all rock!

  3. Husky, we’ll give you every bit of support you need. It’s all in making it realistic for you and your family. Mark the days you know are going to be cheat days on your calendar and stick to it.
    Jimmy, the spinach pesto spaghetti squash was awesome! Ate it at two meals today, thanks.
    Thanks again for making the holiday party so much fun. Can’t wait riser what next year will look like.

  4. Xacha~Did you just saying you’re holding your green dragon? lol
    Chans~Thanks for the party! Always good times with fantastic people. I second that it was great to see the peeps outside of the gym (and clean hehe).
    All~It’s always hard to not want to hug everyone all the time. Such a cool crowd… I’m not sure you realize how great ya’ll are! Thanks for helping make the second part of this year a fantastic one! I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

  5. say*

  6. Joshua Grimm :

    Matt and Cherie,
    Thank you again for having us–it was a great time. I am so happy to be a part of the CF community and honored that you guys are my trainers!

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