Sunday 091227

In ten minutes, reach a max box jump height

Then, for time:

45 Double unders

45 Dumbell squat cleans, 40#/25#

45 Ring dips

45 Double unders

Post times to comments.


High box jumps are scary! 

Check out what Dr. Mike Ray, owner of CrossFit Flagstaff, has to say about Zone block reassignment for post workout recoveryVideoby 


  1. Jeff "CueBall" McDowell :

    Yo Matt, how high is that? That’s look to be easily 36″ +! Nice brother!
    Did “Angie” yesterday Rx’d for the first time! 24:48, the push-ups killed me again. I’m doing well at linking the rest into larger sets. Today was AMRAP 20 min of 5 thrusters, 7 hang cleans & 10 SDHP @ 95#. Did Rx’d w/ 7 rds 3 thrusters.
    I’m stoked that I’ve been doing WODs RX’d on a regular basis but I’ve struggled to be mentally prepared going into them after the last week of brutal WODs. It really showed in my Rds today. I felt I could of done more if I was mentally prepared. Any advice to get my head back into the game???

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