"Bizzaro Cindy"

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Chest to bar pull-ups

10 Ring push-ups

15 Dowel overhead squats

Adapted from a CrossFit One World WOD.

Post rounds and fractions to comments.


Sean Toal, former rugby player – current CrossFitter training for Army Ranger School.

We brought a pretty good sized group down to Front Range CrossFit for the practice Games event.  I was personally very proud to be a part of Verve yesterday for a few different reasons.  First, we came as a group, warmed up as a group, cheered as a group, and hung out after the workout as a group.  I am also very proud to be one of the trainers that had an effect on your training, because form and technique was spot on – even from athletes that have only been CF'ing at Verve for two weeks.  You each held your heads together, despite being in front of a big crowd and you let it all hang out for everyone to see.  Well done!!!

Today we'll be holding the first "Snatchin' on Sunday", a clinic deisgned to introduce, refine, and perfect the fastest of the lifts – the snatch.  We'll start by taking lifters from a solid set up through the basic execution of the movement to a more advanced, technique driven snatch that will allow heavier weight to be lifted in the future.  This clinic is designed for any person looking to improve their snatch – beginner to advanced.  Come and snatch with us at CrossFit Verve at 1pm.  See the "Events" page for more details. 

We've heard from very positive feedback from everyone about the scheduling system.  Keep in mind, we are new at this too, so bear with us as we master the system.  We hope that everyone is enjoying the ease of signing up for classes – I know we are! 


  1. Anna :

    I want to attend the clinic tomorrow if there is room. I cannot figure out how to post a comment on the events page.

  2. Alan :

    Ok…I have thought of 100 T-Shirt Ideas. They are all just getting mixed up in my head! Then I thought, wait…That might not be so bad. So, here it is! Kind of all my thoughts in one.
    I imagine the “100%” being larger text than the rest of the writing.
    100% CrossFit Coughing, Big Bumper Plate Lovin, Chalk Cloud Makin, Heavy Metal Listening, Scabby-Shinned, Leather Palmed, Shut-Up or Put Up, Bar Bendin, Rip It Up Off The Floor, Tape Wrappin, Athlete…CrossFit Verve – Stronger Than Yesterday

  3. Anna :


  4. so, just heard this on the radio, and thought it could be fitting for a t-shirt:
    Harder. Faster. Stronger. (yes, i get my inspiration from Kanye) 😉

  5. Mark Atkinson :

    Wished I could have been there for the WOD at frontrange…im down in Mexico for a week vacation…will be finding some way to make some WOD’s up on my own while im down here. Hope everyone has a great weekend…i’ll be back next week!

  6. Amy Schaeffer :

    Seriously?? I wish my hands would heal

  7. Matt :

    Amy, bring a roll of tape tomorrow and we’ll build you some badass straps, in addition to refining your pull-up grip. Time to go to the heart of the issue.
    For anyone looking at the FRCF website for results from today, don’t fret if your infomation is incorrect – it was just a test run. Anthony was listed as a modification (which he didn’t), my name is Chen (uh…), and Steve was listed as a FRCF athlete. That was just a couple that I noticed.
    Again, great job yesterday – very proud to call myself a CFV athlete! Anyone want to do the Tactical Strength Challenge at Flatirons CrossFit?
    See ya tomorrow for some snatchin’

  8. Rich :

    Wasn’t able to make it into the Verve today, hit up the 24 Hour Fitness – unfortunately! My WOD for the day was Lynne:
    Five rounds for max reps of:
    Body weight bench press
    Bench Press: 175Lbs, 14, 10, 9, 7, 6 = 46
    Pull ups: 20, 18, 16, 15, 15 = 84
    Its a fun workout! I will be back into the Verve this week once I figure out what my schedule is.
    Crossfit Verve: “Civilian tested, Military Approved!”

  9. Tammer the CF Hamma' :

    7 Squats away from 8 rounds today. Damn Nazi Trainers.
    Snatch Clinic Was Awesome Matt! I actually doubled my old PR! More importantly though, I am not afraid to try and throw bigger weight next time.
    Whoever didn’t come def missed out!

  10. Joylyn :

    Congrats Tammer! I think there’s something totally awesome about throwing a bunch of weight overhead with snatches.
    So sad to be working this beautiful weekend, but will be back tomorrow. So is anyone doing the Emerfit Games or the Tactical Strength Challenge? Mas and I may follow and throw a party afterward…..

  11. Alan — Emm & I absolutely LOVE your t-shirt idea. was wondering, do you think you could find a way to work in: sweat flyin’, almost pukin’, tractor tire flippin’ bad a**ses!?!

  12. Luke :

    I did sign in for the Emerfit Games. Anyone else?

  13. Alan :

    Nice Britt! The “Bad Asses” part may be a little less family friendly. How about this..
    100% CrossFit Coughing, Big Bumper Plate Lovin, Chalk Cloud Makin, Sweat Flyin, Scabby-Shinned, Leather Palmed, Shut-Up or Put Up, Bar Bendin, Rip It Up Off The Floor, Tape Wrappin, Almost Pukin, Tractor Tire Flippin Freaks!
    We Are CrossFit Verve – Stronger Than Yesterday

  14. Alan :

    Joylyn and Luke…Anna and I are both signed up!

  15. Emmalee :

    I am signed up for emerfit as well!

  16. Matt :

    18 & 1/3 rounds
    Done by my lonesome – not inspiring.

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